Michael Todd

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Michael Todd
Born 1975
Occupation Author
Alias name(s) (various)
User name on Sarna BTW Sigil
BattleTech forum handle Sigil

Michael "Sigil" Todd is a BattleTech fan and prolific author of both fan fiction and non-fictional material about BattleTech.

Playing regularly from the late 1980s through the mid-1990s, Todd drifted away from BattleTech after college until he came back around 2014. Learning about the "Unseen" situation only then, he felt he had to catch up on developments and researched the matter in greath depth, culminating in his nonfictional fan publication Unseen: A History of FASA, Battledroids and BattleTech for which he had even met and interviewed Sam Lewis and Robert Charrette.

He also collaborated with Robert Charrette on the Robert N. Charrette Collection, where he serves as custodian.

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