Michelle Ellingham

Michelle Ellingham
Born 3018
Affiliation ComStar
Word of Blake

Michelle Ellingham (b. 3018 - d. ?) is the suspected ComStar traitor that enabled the Word of Blake to capture Terra in 3058 during Operation ODYSSEUS.[1]


Ellingham was born on Sirius in 3018 and joined ComStar in 3036, becoming ComStar field coordinator to the Free Worlds League in 3044. She transferred to ComStar's counterintelligence unit following the heavy losses by defections in 3052. In her new assignment, she was on good terms with the unit's commanding officer, Damien Constantine, with whom she was suspected of having an affair. She advanced quickly in ROM and with her promotion to being his deputy, she became the highest placed Word of Blake agent within ComStar. She was able to both build a network of informants and sympathizers within ROM and plan the assassination of Constantine in September 3057 due in part to the access she enjoyed. She was also thought to out undercover ROM agents to the Word via a dead-letter drop system, directly resulting in more than twenty being executed.[1]

She was promoted to Demi-Precentor and MU/Delta commanding officer following Constantine's death and it was in this role that she is suspected of concealing any relevant intelligence gathered by ComStar regarding Word's intentions to strike Terra.[1][2]

Personal Description[edit]

She was described as charming.[1]

Source Analysis[edit]

  • The information presented in WolfNet Classified Report Gamma 11A2 is part profile (of Ellingham) and part speculation, due as it is from the perspective of an intelligence agency. In lieu of additional material to further spotlight Ellingham's actions and intentions, the information is included in this article as fact.

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