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The SLS Michigan, a WarShip of unspecified class (see Notes below), was the winner of the Best WarShip category of the 2644 Martial Olympiad[1] and in 2757 was one of the ships to take part in the extensive Operation PERSUASIVE FORCE, an SLDF exercise conducted within the Terran Hegemony that involved more than fifty divisions of troops and which General Aleksandr Kerensky used as a demonstration for First Lord Richard Cameron II in the hope that Kerensky would be able to regain Richard's trust and give the teenager an idea of the scope of the forces which would be at his command in the future.[2][3]

The Michigan survived the Amaris Civil War and followed General Kerensky on the Exodus. After the Pentagon Civil War the Michigan was restored to working order in secret by technical staff of Clan Wolverine under the orders of Khan Sarah McEvedy, a part of a plan known as Operation Switchback that called for the evacuation of Clan Wolverine back to the Inner Sphere in the face of rising tensions between the Wolverines and the other Clans. With the apparent death of Sarah McEvedy and the announcement from ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky that the Wolverines were the subjects of a Trial of Annihilation, saKhan Franklin Hallis became Khan of the Wolverines, and by the 28th of November 2823 the SLS Michigan became the Clan Wolverine flagship.[4]

The Michigan was destroyed in late June 2824 in the system identified as Gamma 1551 AV, codenamed Barbados. A planet chosen by Khan Franklin Hollis to resupply the majority of the Wolverine fleet, Barbados became a battleground between the Wolverines and the Grand Fleet assembled by ilKhan Kerensky to pursue and destroy the Wolverines. The bulk of the Wolverine survivors were present on Barbados at that time, and most of the Wolverine fleet was in the system, including the Michigan; in the large naval battle above Barbados the Michigan engaged multiple Clan WarShips, including the Clan Snow Raven Aegis-class heavy cruiser CSR Black Justice, and broke the keel of the cruiser CJF Hunter's Pride.[5]

Although the specific fate of the Michigan is not spelled out, after the Clan victory in the Barbdos system saKhan Trish Ebon of the late Clan Wolverines determined that the remains of the Wolverine WarShips had been crashed into the surface of Barbados[6] and there is nothing to suggest that the Michigan survived.


  • The exact class of the Michigan is never mentioned, though the impression is given that it was a large vessel. It was mentioned at one point to have fired "a wave of massive anti-ship missiles",[5] loosely suggesting it may have been a Black Lion.
  • As Clan Wolverine held themselves to be the last remnant of the real Star League after their breakaway from the Clans, they used the SLS prefix for their WarShips, including the SLS Michigan.


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