Military Reorganization Act

The Military Reorganization Act was a bill passed by the Free Worlds League Parliament in 3046 that made several changes to the Free Worlds League Military. The most controversial part of the Act was the elimination of the distinction between Federal and Provincial troops. All soldiers in any League military force were made part of the Free Worlds League Military and placed under the direct control of Parliament and the Captain-General.[1] This was very controversial and opposed by the Regulan Hussars and Orloff Grenadiers among others.[2]

As part of their new status as Federal forces, the various provincial forces were required to take soldiers from outside their traditional recruitment areas. This was one of the largest bones of contention between the LCCC and the former provincial forces.[3] Though the LCCC was sensitive to these concerns, and occasionally turned a blind eye to units that recruited from their traditional homeland.[4][5][6] The LCCC tried to remain sensitive to the long history of the provincial forces. They only moved units and personnel very slowly.[7]

A further modification was the removal of all rank systems except the one used by the Federal forces. This harmonization of rank structure went a long way towards making all soldiers feel that they were part of a single military.[8]

The Act also allocated funds for replacement equipment throughout the military, as well as hiring mercenary units that could help reinforce League forces.[1] One benefit of federalizing all military forces of the Free Worlds League was the rapid improvement of underappreciated, underskilled, or underequipped units. The Oriente Hussars[9], Silver Hawk Irregulars[10][11], and Protectorate Guards[5], for example, all benefited from the improved training and supply situation. This process took longer than the LCCC would have liked, but was eventually successful.


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