Millennium Industries

Millennium Industries
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Terra
Primary Products Vehicles

Millennium Industries is a weapon manufacturer located on Terra. They are known for their Chevalier light tank. Most of their production was sold to the ComGuard prior to Operation Odysseus.[1]


Millennium Industries has a manufacture center on the following planet:


Components produced on Terra:[1]
Component Type
Chevalier[1] Wheeled Vehicles - Light Tank
Fusion Engine
RT 190 Chevalier[1]
Armor - BattleMechs & Vehicles
Chobham Max-Tec Chevalier[1]
Communications System
Dec-10 Wisperer Chevalier[1]
Targeting-Tracking System
Blankeburg Trooper Chevalier[1]
ER Large Laser
Blankenburg Chevalier[1]
Streak SRM-2
Zone-Tone Chevalier[1]


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