Mine Dispenser

Battle armor mine dispenser


The mine dispenser is a piece of battle armor equipment first produced by the Capellan Confederation for its Fa Shih armor in 3062. Only usable while the armor is hovering in midair over the target area, the dispenser detaches one of two canisters. Once the canister has reached the correct altitude, it explodes, propelling dozens of grenade-sized mines downward with enough force to penetrate several centimeters into the ground. These mines, whether conventional, command-detonated, anti-jump or vibrabomb variety, will arm themselves after a few seconds. The minefield location is then cataloged by the onboard computer for friendly forces and for later mine clearance.[1][2][3]


Defiance Aqua-Drop[edit]

Manufactured on Manufactured by Typically used in References
Sturmvogel [4]


Game Rules[edit]

Each Mine Dispenser weighs 50 kg and comes loaded with two "shots"; each shot may be used to fill a single hex with mines. Mines cause 10 points of damage.[5] No additional ammo may be bought. Multiple Mine Dispensers may be mounted on a single battlesuit.


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