Minoru Nova Cat

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Minoru Nova Cat
Also known as Minoru Kurita II
Born 3031
Died 3???
Affiliation House Kurita
Clan Nova Cat
Profession Oathmaster
Parents Theodore Kurita (father)
Tomoe Sakade (mother)
Siblings Franklin Sakamoto (half-brother)
Hohiro Kurita
Omiko Kurita

Minoru Kurita (born 3031[1] –died 3???), later Minoru Nova Cat, was the second son of Theodore Kurita and Tomoe Sakade and the brother of Omi and Hohiro Kurita. He was described as having a small and bookish appearance, but possessed an incredible inner strength. He was partial to mystic pursuits.


Minoru was born to Theodore Kurita and Tomoe Sakade. The youngest of Theodore's three children, he is described as a mystic and was never seriously considered for the Dragon's throne. He instead devoted himself to the unseen forces in life, commanding a powerful inner strength.

Minoru helped to nurture Victor Ian Steiner-Davion back to health after the sword injury he sustained while on Luthien.

Later, he stalked and slew the assassin that killed, among others, Ryan Steiner, Melissa Steiner-Davion, and Omi Kurita.[2]

Eventually, he joined Clan Nova Cat, a Clan whose belief in visions suited his mystic nature, and became their Oathmaster.[3]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Likely Biccon Winters
Oathmaster of Clan Nova Cat

Succeeded by


  • According to the Order of Five Pillars and Subhash Indrahar, Minoru's mother, Tomoe Sakade, was descended from Duncan Cameron of House Cameron, hereditary First Lords of the Terran Hegemony. As such, Minoru and his descendants could theoretically lay claim to being heirs of the throne of the original Star League. However, given the timing of this revelation, the truth of this claim is somewhat dubious. [4]

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