Miranda Aguilera

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Miranda Aguilera
Character Profile
Also known as "Behemoth"
Born 2992
Affiliation Markham's Marauders
Profession Mercenary MechWarrior


Miranda Aguilera grew up in the Lyran Commonwealth. She was a tall kid who made a name for herself as "the girl you don't mess with". At eighteen, she signed up with a small-time mercenary company to feed her growing wanderlust. Miranda went undefeated in her crew's drinking games - and in the brawling that usually followed. When her fellow mercenaries turned to piracy, she was in. When they turned over a new leaf, she was out, and looking for a tougher crew.


Miranda "Behemoth" Aguilera is part of the player's starting lance in the BattleTech video game. Her default 'Mech is a SHD-2H Shadow Hawk.