Mirko Bader

Mirko Bader
Born 1971[1]
Occupation Author
Game designer

Mirko Bader (born 1971) was the (co-)author and producer of Heavy Battle (together with Jens Kleinholz for the first four issues), a German BattleTech fanzine that published eight issues from 1991 to 1993.

He joined Ulisses Spiele in 2016 as an editor and game designer,[2] after having worked as an editorial journalist for daily and weekly newspapers since the mid-1990s and as a hobby game designer on the sidelines.[1] Ulisses Spiele has been the holder of the German BattleTech license since 2011, but Bader apparently isn't working on the BattleTech line in any significant capacity, if at all.

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He also drew some of the artwork of the fanzine; see Category: Works by Mirko Bader.


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