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Mitchell Calderon

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Mitchell Calderon
Character Profile
Born 19 March 2526[1]
Died 27 October 2567[1]
Affiliation House Calderon
Title(s) Protector
Profession Noble
Parents Caterina Calderon (mother)[1]
Children Marantha Calderon
Argento Calderon[2]

Mitchell Calderon was Protector of the Taurian Concordat prior to, and though most of, the Reunification War.


Calderon was the second son of Protector Caterina Calderon.[1]

He is credited with preparing his nation to resist the Star League so well that it took the bulk of the League's troops nearly 20 years to force a surrender. Mitchell ascended to the Protectorship at the 14th March 2574.[1][3] [4] The day after the Proclamation Mitchell accelerated the Concordat's military buildup by mobilizing his nation for war. He made special efforts to expand his nation's Naval forces so as to give the training programs in the Hyades Cluster time to complete preparations for defending the outer systems.[5] Mitchell was the architect of both the triumphant Case Amber and the desperate Case Black Naval battles. He is also responsible for the assassination of General Amalthia Kincaid with a "miracle weapon". [6]

He married in 2544 and had five children.[1]

Mitchell died in October of 2587 of a heart attack believed to be caused by the massive strain of the war.[1] His daughter Marantha Calderon took his place as Protector and continued the fight.


The sourcebooks do not give the name/names of any wife/wives nor of his sibling (a brother), but paragraphs describing Henry Calderon's selection as Protector lists Marantha as having an extended family of siblings, cousins and an uncle with at least one son.


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