Mitchell Vehicles Interstellar

Mitchell Vehicles Interstellar
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Corporation Profile
Founding Year2108[1]
HeadquartersGreenVale City
(Graham IV)[1]
Manufacturing Plant(s)

Mitchell Vehicles Interstellar was a leading defense contractor for the Terran Hegemony and Star League.


Formed in 2108 through the merger of three North American automobile manufacturers and controlled by the Mitchell family of Graham IV, Mitchell Vehicles slowly became an important manufacturer of JumpShips, DropShips, aerospace fighters, combat vehicles and BattleMechs for the Terran Hegemony's Hegemony Armed Forces and Star League Defense Forces regular and royal units.[1]

While Mitchell Vehicles Interstellar was a well-established manufacturer of BattleMechs and Combat Vehicles by the mid-twenty-seventh century, the decline in conflict and in arms sales following the close of the Reunification War left the company faced with the difficult prospect of having to diversify if it was to continue growing. It was this which led Mitchell Vehicles to enter the aerospace market with their first entry, the Hellcat, entering service in 2671, with further diversification and expansion into other markets following.[2]

During the Good Years of the Star League, Mitchell could boast more than two hundred factories and shipyards divided between Terra, Mars, Venus, New Earth and the company's homeworld of Graham IV, the intensely patriotic company never breaching the Hegemony's restrictions on the release of advanced technology outside its borders and building no facilities in foreign realms.[1]

After the SLDF recaptured Graham IV during the Amaris Civil War, Mitchell Vehicles was awarded the contract for manufacturing the Shogun, an assault 'Mech based on a set of requirements from the late twenty-sixth century that had never entered the design stage because of the manufacture and proliferation of the Stalker, which filled much the same role. The Shogun entered its design phase in 2771, and was intended to be more maneuverable and survivable than the Stalker, whilst sharing a number of common components—particularly the engine and gyroscope. The Shogun might have supplanted the Stalker in time, but Mitchell Vehicles only had time to produce eight production runs prior to the Exodus, and then a few more runs prior to the destruction of the factories on Graham IV during the First Succession War.[3][See Notes]

The satellite faculties on Terra were also slagged, but ComStar founder Jerome Blake ordered them rebuilt and mothballed as a precaution against future aggression by the Successor Lords.[citation needed] The production lines finally reopened in 3062 as part of the Word of Blake's massive rebuilding and expansion of their Militia, which included the venerable Star League era Shootist and two other new 'Mech designs.[4] When Coalition forces assaulted Terra in 3079, the Mitchell Vehicles plants were struck by chemical and biological agents. Though they were apparently left intact, the cleanup effort would take time and money.[5] By 3085 however, the plant was running a Prowler production line for the Republic of the Sphere.[6]


Mitchell Vehicles has manufacturing centers on the following planets:

Graham IV[edit]

Components produced on Graham IV:[7][8][9][10][11][2][12][13] [14][15]
Component Type
MCY-97 Mercury[8] Light BattleMech
Line destroyed First Succession War
MCY-98 Mercury[16] Light BattleMech
Line destroyed First Succession War
GLH-2D Galahad[9] Heavy BattleMech - 2570 to 2775
HEP-2H Helepolis[7] Heavy BattleMech - 2488 to 2775
SHG-2F Shogun[10] Assault BattleMech - Destroyed during the First Succession War
SHG-2H Shogun[3] Assault BattleMech - Destroyed during the First Succession War[3]
Kanga[11] Combat Vehicle - Destroyed 2767
Aerospace Fighter
HCT-213 Hellcat[2] heavy aerospace fighter - 2671 to 2775
HCT-213B Hellcat II[12] medium aerospace fighter - 2710 to 2775
HCT-213BC Hellcat II Herman[13] medium aerospace fighter
Colossus[15] DropShip - Discontinued prior to Amaris Coup
Luxor-class Heavy Cruiser[14] WarShip - 2727 to 2765, last vessel destroyed 2777
Essex-class Destroyer[17] WarShip - Destroyed First Succession War
Lycomb 6 Hellcat[2]
Wakazashi IX Hellcat II[12]
Internal Combustion Engine
Janzen 165 Kanga[11]
Bergan MXII Mercury[8]
Kitushi Shogun Shogun[10]
Mitchell Heavy HEP Helepolis[7]
Star League VI Galahad[9]
Fusion Engine
GM 240 Hellcat[2]
GM 280 Galahad[9]
LTV 160 Mercury[8]
Rawlings 250 Hellcat II[12]
Strand 255 Shogun[10]
VOX 225 Helepolis[7]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Armorscale w/CASE Helepolis[7]
Durollex Standard Kanga[11]
Riese-350 Shogun[10]
SlabPanzer 5 Hellcat[2]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
Grumman-3 ferro-fibrous Galahad[9]
Mitchell-091 ferro-fibrous Mercury[8]
Armor - FA - Aerospace Fighters
SRT Ferro-Aluminum Hellcat II[12]
Jump Jets
Anderson Propulsion 21 Shogun[10]
Mitchell JB Thrust Bottles Kanga[11]
Communications System
Exeter Longscan 100 Helepolis[7]
Data Tech 401 Mercury[8]
HartfordCo COM 3000 Galahad[9]
HartfordCo COM 4000 Shogun[10]
Stony AIX Kanga[11]
Telecron L50 Hellcat[2] & Hellcat II[12]
Targeting-Tracking System
AL2200 Track-Nav AI System Kanga[11]
HartfordCO XHW 7 Galahad[9]
HartfordCO XKZ 1 Shogun[10]
Skyhunter IV w/Beagle Active Probe Mercury[8]
Tacticon Tracer 150b Helepolis[7]
Telecron M75 Hellcat[2] & Hellcat II[12]


Components produced on Terra:[18][19][20]
Component Type
BLF-21 Blue Flame[18] Light BattleMech - circa 3062 to ??
ST-8A Shootist[19] Heavy BattleMech - Discontinued First Succession War
WHF-3B White Flame[20] Heavy BattleMech - circa 3062 to ??
Prowler[6] Tracked Vehicles
Dennenbach-Mitchell Series 8 Quad Endo Steel Blue Flame[18]
Dennenbach-Mitchell Mark IV Shootist[19]
Dennenbach-Mitchell Series 9 Quad Endo Steel White Flame[20]
Fusion Engine
VOX 280 Shootist[19]
Light Fusion Engine
VOX 225 Light Blue Flame[18]
Magna 350 Light White Flame[20]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
StarSlab-2 Blue Flame[18]
StarSlab-3 Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles) - White Flame[20]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
MV ferro-fibrous Shootist[19]
Jump Jets
Rawlings 60 White Flame[20]
Communications System
Domman Echo II Shootist[19] & White Flame[20]
Domman Echo IV w/ C3 computer Blue Flame[18]
Targeting-Tracking System
J-Peep Farsight [citation needed]
Wayne Marksman Shootist[19]
Wayne SuperSigh White Flame[20] & Blue Flame[18]
DeathGiver Shootist[19]
Small Laser
Dinatec Mark III for Export[citation needed]
Medium Pulse Laser
Tronel XII White Flame[20]
Large Pulse Laser
Tronel XIII White Flame[20]
Snorri [citation needed]


^ Some sources such as Technical Readout: 3075 indicate that Mitchell Vehicles on Graham IV was destroyed during the Amaris Civil War,[1][7] but this article is written in accordance with the newer publication Historical: Operation KLONDIKE, which mentions it happening during the First Succession War.[3]


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