Mobile Field Base

Mobile Field Base as depicted in MechWarrior 3


Mobile Field Bases are similar to a DropShip's 'Mech or vehicle cubicle, providing a repair platform equipped with the same gear minus launch mechanisms and amenities.[1] They provide technical servicing, maintenance, and battlefield repairs.[2] They were first put into use by the Federated Suns and Lyran Alliance in 3059 and Clan Coyote in 3060.

MFB in MechWarrior 3[edit]

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The Mobile Field Base vehicle (MFB) is featured prominently in the MechWarrior 3 Computer game, as well as its novelization, Trial Under Fire. It is a massive tracked vehicle, capable of repairing and refitting 'Mechs, salvaging equipment from the battlefield, and serving as a mobile command center behind the enemy lines. Three such vehicles were assigned to each lance of the Damocles Commando during the operation on Tranquil.

The vehicle is massive, capable of storing large amounts of any equipment required for prolonged operations (in game statistics are 300 tons of equipment, as well as 2 stripped down BattleMech chassis of any weight class). Maximum speed is given by the MechWarrior 3 tech manual as 64 km/h, cruising speed is 43 km/h. When the vehicles deploy, their upper portions unfold, forming a complete 'Mech bay. When three vehicles work together, they are capable of enclosing a 'Mech completely, but even one vehicle is capable of providing efficient (if slower) repairs. Nine such vehicles along with a BattleMech company could be carried by a Union class DropShip (it is unknown whether any modifications were required).

Mobile Field Base vehicles are completely unarmed.

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Game Rules[edit]

MFBs have no effect during normal gameplay, however they may be used to repair damaged machines per standard rules.


  • Weight: 20 tons[3]
  • Space: 1[3]
  • Tech Rating: D[4]
  • Cost (C-Bills): 150,000[3]
  • Availability: X-X-E[4]
  • Minimum Crew: 5[5]

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