Modular Turret Mount

Modular Turrent Mount


The Modular Turret Mount (MTM) is a piece of battle armor equipment that allows the operator to swap weapons based on mission parameters. Based on the Modular Weapon Mount, the MTM is designed to be used by quadruped battle armor designs and mount multiple weapons on a 360° swivel assembly. Turret mounts actually come in two varieties: the standard hard-mount turret designed to carry a set amount of weight, and configurable turret which can carry a wider range of equipment but is bulkier and weighs more.[1]


Game Notes[edit]

Only quadruped battle suits may carry Modular Turret Mounts and may carry only one. Standard turret mounts take up one space slot and may weigh between 40kg to 130kg with between one to ten additional space slots for mounting equipment. Configurable turret mounts take up two space slots and may weigh between 50kg to 140kg with between one to nine additional space slots for mounting equipment.[1]


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