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Modular Weapon Mount

Modular Weapon Mount System


The Modular Weapon Mount is a piece of battle armor equipment that allows the operator to swap weapons based on mission parameters. Engineers were able to reverse engineer the technology from the Clan Elemental battlesuit.[1] Prior to the Modular Weapon Mount Inner Sphere battle armor was restricted to Armored Gloves (to use conventional infantry weapons) or fixed weapons (used on suits like the Infiltrator and Sloth).

Weighing 10kg each[1], the Modular Weapon Mount has harnesses, weapon status lines, and targeting interfaces for a variety of battlesuit primary weapon systems. A suit of battle armor equipped with MWMs can mount any weapon system as long as the armor has the space and weight available. Though the armor equipped with Modular Weapon Mounts cannot use them to exceed the normal weight restrictions, the flexibility offered is worth the minor weight penalty. Battle Armor suits can mount two MWM on the body and one on each arm. Quad battlesuits use the Modular Turret Mount instead of the standard Modular Weapon Mount.[1]

The Modular Weapon Mount was also used as the basis for the Anti-Personnel Weapon Mount, Modular Turret Mount, and Squad Support Weapon Mount.


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