Mohammed Benitez

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Mohammed Benitez
Character Profile
Also known as "Medusa"
Born 2993
Affiliation Markham's Marauders
Profession Mercenary MechWarrior


Mohammed Benitez was born on one of Mechdur's lunar colonies and subsequently traveled with his prospector parents all over the system before moving to Katinka. There he attended a local technical school to augment the knowledge he had picked up while growing up. He spent some time working as a tech on his parents' IndustrialMechs. Eventually, craving more excitement, he hitched a ride on a mercenary DropShip, where he soon talked his way into a BattleMech cockpit. He's never looked back.


Mohammed "Medusa" Benitez is a backup for the player's starting lance in the BattleTech video game. His default 'Mech is a LCT-1V Locust.