Monarch TRO3057r.png
Production information
Manufacturer Brigadier Corporation,
Galileo Instruments,
New Syrtis Shipyards
Production Year 2759[1]
Use Passenger Liner
Type Civilian Aerodyne
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Technical specifications
Mass 5,000 tons
Structural Integrity 6
Length 169 meters
Width 104 meters
Height 30 meters
Drive System Marly 750
Safe Thrust 1.5 g
Max Thrust 2.5 g
Fuel (tons) 112 tons
Fuel (days) 33.2 days
Armament None
Armor 8 tons standard
Fore: 5
Sides: 4
Aft: 3
Crew 34
Escape Pods/Life Boats 15/15
Heat Sinks 76
BV (1.0) 441[2]
BV (2.0) 412


While a great number of civilian passenger liners existed during the Star League era, the Monarch-class DropShip is the most common example still in use during the maelstrom of the Succession Wars.


Like many civilian ships, the Monarch relies on its inoffensive nature to escape harm, being only lightly armored and completely unarmed. For this reason and the completely nonmilitary role of the craft, they rarely stray anywhere that would put them in harm.


The Monarch's passenger quarters are split across two decks between the command and cargo sections. Each deck features 133 staterooms, with the lower deck featuring shops, a sauna and a 150-seat dining area, while the upper deck features two 100-seat dining areas, two large lounges, a casino and a vidtape theater. The passenger staterooms are split between 200 standard class and 66 first class cabins. While not geared towards absolute luxury like the Princess-class, the Monarch offers a much more comfortable trip than a merchant or military craft. The remaining space is devoted to 900 tons of cargo, split between supplies and passenger luggage.

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