Mongoose II

Mongoose II
Mongoose II
Production information
Manufacturer Arc-Royal MechWorks

Defiance Industries (Kwangjong-ni annex)

Production Year 3073[1]
Model MON-266
Class Medium
Cost 10,155,226 C-bills
Technical specifications
'Mech type Inner Sphere BattleMech
Mass 40 tons
Chassis Alshain Type 69-40S
Armor Starshield
Engine Pitban 320 XL
Communications System Nashan Comm-i U-284 with Guardian ECM suite
Targeting Tracking System Nashan Trac V-102 with Beagle active probe
Heat Sinks 10 doubles
Speed 129 km/h (172 km/h with MASC)

1x ER large laser

BV (1.0) N/A
BV (2.0) 1,000[2]



Luthien Armor Works was working on an upgrade of the Mongoose for ComStar to be a faster and tougher scout 'Mech, when the chaos on Luthien during the early years of the Jihad forced them to look elsewhere. ComStar financed a refit of a lost Rim Worlds Republic factory on Kwangjong-ni, where new versions of the Zeus and Banshee were walking off the line for battlefield testing when the Word of Blake conquered Hesperus II. Anxious to stay solvent, ComStar C-bills paid for the upgrade to the Kwangjong-ni facility. In exchange, Defiance Industries sold them 66% of its production for its first two years.[5]

LAW had done most of the work on the chassis, so Defiance turned to Nashan Diversified to outfit the electronics. The result is the Mongoose II, an effective hunter-killer that is able to find hidden enemies and provide long range fire support.

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

Equipped with an impressive suite of electronics, the Mongoose II carries a Beagle active probe, Guardian ECM suite, C3i computer. MASC enables it move up to 172 km/h in bursts. A respectable seven tons of armor protects the chassis and Pitban 320 XL extralight engine.[6]

The only ranged weapon on the Mongoose II is its Diverse Optics Sunbeam ER large laser. The ammo-independent weapon is just as potent at long range as at point-blank. With its quick speed, the Mongoose II can also close in to use its fists for quick hits, making this BattleMech an effective brawler.[6]


Design Quirks[edit]

The Mongoose II is subject to the following Design Quirks:[11]

Related BattleMechs[edit]

  • Mongoose - Though with far more focus on electronic warfare, the Mongoose II was designed as a battlefield replacement for the Mongoose scout BattleMech.[12]
  • Beowulf - Also a battlefield replacement for the Mongoose scout BattleMech, the Beowulf BattleMech differs from the Mongoose II in that it focuses on offensive capabilities rather than electronic warfare.[13]

Notable Pilots[edit]

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