Monique Kelswa

Monique Kelswa
Affiliation House Kelswa
Profession Duke of Tamar

Monique Kelswa was the Grand Duke of Tamar during the Star League.[1]


As the various Great Houses became increasingly overt in their raiding during the Hidden Wars towards the end of the Star League era, the Tamar Pact found itself facing the brunt of the "pirate raids" instigated against the Commonwealth. Monique Kelswa, then Duchess of Tamar, had only a rudimentary knowledge of military strategy, and instead appointed military advisors to help her prepare the Tamar Pact against acts of aggression. Among her policies applied across the Pact were tax breaks for defense industries and the implementation of state-sponsored grants for higher education on rural worlds within the Pact. These measures led to a steady drop in unemployment and a boom in university enrollments and made the Duchess a promising future leader in the minds of many despite her becoming Duchess at a very young age.[1]

Titles and Postions[edit]

Preceded by
At some point Selvin Kelswa II
Duke of Tamar
2735 - 2755[1]

Succeeded by
eventually Ilysa Aten


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