Monitor (Individual Essex-class WarShip)

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Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Essex I


The Monitor was an Essex I-class destroyer which served in the Hegemony Armed Forces black water navy as the THS Monitor.[1]

The Monitor was under the command of then-Captain Michael Cameron when it was dispatched to the Thorin system to follow up on reports of enemy activity in the system. The Monitor arrived in the Thorin system five days after being ordered to investigate and spent the next seven days patrolling in the system's asteroid belt, investigating amidst the small-scale mining operations in the belt, before being attacked by five hostile ships.[1]

The ships that attacked the Monitor were originally civilian courier vessels used either as interplanetary messenger ships or as the private craft of the fantastically wealthy, but which had been armed by hostile Outer Realms forces and pressed into service as fighter craft.[1]


No date is given for the battle in the Thorin system in The Star League, but Michael Cameron was elected Director-General of the Terran Hegemony in January 2340.[2] The Essex I is described in Field Report 2765: Periphery as being manufactured from 2351 onwards,[3] eleven years after Michael became Director-General. It would seem unlikely that the ruler of the Terran Hegemony would be sent to scout for rebel forces in a light destroyer for a week, suggesting that the date of the battle is before 2340, creating a disconnect between The Star League and Field Report 2765: Periphery. It is possible that either Field Report 2765: Periphery is in error, or that the class of ship Michael was described as serving aboard was incorrect.


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