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Montour nearby systems
Montour nearby systems
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System Information
X:Y Coordinates 348.702 : -328.614[e]

Political Affiliation[edit]

System History[edit]

Reunification War[edit]

In late 2587 the remaining elements of the Taurian Defense Force navy fought their final battle of the Reunification War in the Montour system. The Star League Defense Force was rolling over the best elements of the TDF on various worlds, while millions of Taurian citizens were being killed wantonly and indiscriminately by the SLDF. In desperate need of some kind of victory, Protector Mitchell Calderon tasked Marshal David Santos, the senior naval officer in the TDF and the architect of several successful major fleet actions, to try and bring about the impossible. Santos had reports that the four corps of SLDF troops were all engaged in systems around the Hyades Cluster, and gathered his remaining naval forces and sortied out to the Montour system, taking the Eighth Provisional Corps with him. The Eighth was a newly-formed formation, based around two BattleMech regiments, three armored regiments and a half-dozen infantry regiments.[36] The two 'Mech regiments, the Ninety-fourth and Ninety-ninth Concordat Chasseurs, had only mustered in 2584-2585.[37]

Montour was only intended to be a first stop on the way to a number of worlds occupied by the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns, which Santos hoped to inflict heavy casualties on and spark insurgencies and uprisings among the Taurian loyalists on each world. Unfortunately for the TDF, Santos hadn't taken into account the many intelligence-gathering ships that were in place around the Hyades Cluster, monitoring Taurian movements. When reports of Santos' expedition reached Admiral Yukiko Pequeno, the commander of the SLDF Fourth Fleet, she was supporting SLDF operations in the New Ganymede system. She set off in pursuit with two-thirds of the Fourth Fleet, sending messages via the political offices established on occupied worlds to General Amos Forlough to update him on her plans. As the Taurian intelligence services weren't monitoring the SLDF political offices, her messages went undetected by the Taurians, and she gathered up additional SLDF patrol squadrons as she pursued Santos' forces.[36]

Santos' forces arrived at Montour in October, easily blew through the small AFFS naval pickets located in the system, and proceeded to blockade the main world. As he was preparing to dispatch the Eighth Provisional Corps to capture the world, Pequeno appeared at a pirate point with her forces. Hot on the heels of Pequeno's SLDF naval forces, an AFFS naval task force under the command of Admiral Helden van der Geest arrived at the system zenith jump point, having encountered Pequeno's forces a week before and eagerly accepted her invitation to join the attempt to bring the Taurian navy to heel. Santos knew his forces were outclassed, and attempted to evade the SLDF and AFFS forces within the system while his ships recharged, in the hope that he could lead his forces out of the system. Despite Santos' best efforts, the forces led by Pequeno and van der Geest intercepted the retreating Taurians, and between the 11th and 16th of October there was a flurry of battles around the fifth and seventh planets in the system, as well as around numerous moons, a rogue planetoid and a number of asteroids. Santos tried repeatedly to break contact with his pursuers, but was unable to fend off the attackers for more than brief periods of time. Santos died along with his crew when the TCS Samantha Calderon was destroyed in battle; the Taurian naval forces were defeated comprehensively by their opponents, and the Eight Provisional Corps died in space without ever making planetfall.[36]

Military Deployment[edit]



  • Second Dragonlords[39]


  • Second Dragonlords[39]


  • DeMaestri's Sluggers


  • Fighting Urukhai[40]
  • DeMaestri's Sluggers



Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 32 systems (30 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Traussin 13.7 Caldwell 16.5 Pierce 19.0 Organo 19.7
Cyrton 21.3 Celentaro 22.2 Verdigreis 24.1 Tentativa 26.4
Cohagen 26.6 Mavegh 28.7 Norman's World 30.9 Althea's Choice 33.5
Songgang 35.7 Panpour 36.7 Logan's Land 37.6 Weippe 38.0
As Samik 42.0 Dicallus 45.0 Basantapur 46.9 Naka Pabni 47.1
Perdition 50.3 Warren 50.7 Anaheim 52.2 Estuan 52.6
Angra 53.1 Sartu 53.4 Grossbach 54.3 Belaire 56.1
Agliana 56.7 Gambarare 59.3 Tirabad 62.1 Tegaldanas 62.2


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