Morasha Kelswa

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Morasha Kelswa
Character Profile
Affiliation House Kelswa
Title(s) Duchess of Tamar
(title only)
Profession Noble
Parents Selvin Kelswa III (father)
Spouse Ryan Steiner
Children Robert Kelswa-Steiner[1]

Morasha Kelswa was a thirty-first century Lyran noblewoman and heiress to the Tamar Pact.


Morasha Kelswa was born the daughter of Duke Selvin Kelswa III of Tamar, leader of the Tamar Pact, one of the three founding member states of the Lyran Commonwealth.

Sometime prior to 3034, [2] Lady Kelswa married Duke Ryan Steiner of Porrima, leader of the Federation of Skye and the Free Skye separatist movement in the newly formed Federated Commonwealth. [3] It is probably why Duke Kelswa agreed to this political marriage to the opposition leader due to his anger at the rulers of the Commonwealth surrendering worlds the Lyrans had captured during the Fourth Succession War, to the new Free Rasalhague Republic. [4] The First Skye Rebellion dramatically improved Ryan Steiner's political standing and by the end of 3034, Morasha had given birth to a son, Robert Kelswa-Steiner, heir to the leadership of both Skye and Tamar. [2]

When the Clan Invasion and Clan Wolf's Alpha Galaxy reached Tamar in 3051, Duke Kelswa decided to go down fighting for his planet. He did arrange to have Morasha evacuated along with the retreating 26th Lyran Guards RCT. When her father was killed defending Tamar City, Morasha inherited the empty title of Duchess of Tamar. In the aftermath, Morasha and her husband continued to oppose the Commonwealth's leaders, holding them responsible for Tamar's fall. [5]

It is implied that by 3067, she had died, as her son Robert is listed as the head of House Kelswa. [6]


  • Certain sources spell her name "Moresha". Others, including the Handbook: House Steiner and the Wolf Clan Sourcebook, spell her name "Morasha". As Handbook: House Steiner is the most recent publication, that is the title of this article.


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