More Tales of the Black Widow

More Tales of the Black Widow.jpg
More Tales of the Black Widow
Product information
Type Scenario Pack
Development Sam Lewis
Primary writing Anthony Pryor
Mike Stackpole
Pages 64
Cover Artwork Jim Holloway
Illustrations Elizabeth Danforth
Rick Harris
Tim Bradstreet
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1657
First published 1990
ISBN-10 1555601073
ISBN-13 978-1555601072
MSRP $8.00
Era Succession Wars era
Clan Invasion era
Timeline 30313052
Preceded by Tales of the Black Widow Company


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From the back cover[edit]

The fury that was the Fourth Succession War crippled Wolf's Dragoons forces but not their will to survive. After taking the full brunt of House Kurita's wrath, Jaime Wolf turned to Natasha Kerensky, the notorious Black Widow, for help in rebuilding his devastated mercenary unit. Under her ruthless command, the Dragoon's [sic] Black Widows returned to deadly form.

Now the entire Inner Sphere is locked in a life or death struggle against a seemingly invincible invader known as the Clans. Some say that only the Black Widow and her men could triumph against these invaders. But Natasha Kerensky no longer fights for the Inner Sphere. Now she fights for the glory of the Clans!

More Tales Of The Black Widow chronicles Natasha Kerensky's unit's service during the Marik Civil War, the War of '39, and her latest role with Clan Wolf. This scenario pack describes 16 of the Widow's most critical battles. Also included are detailed unit rosters, personnel files, and BattleMech readouts that give the truest picture yet of the Inner Sphere's most feared mercenary commander.


  • Introduction
    • How To Use The Scenarios
  • Black Widow Battalion Roster, 3031
  • Scenarios
    • Hunter's Moon
    • We, The People
    • Steele Fury
    • Steele Twilight
  • Black Widow Training Battalion Roster
    • Extended TDY
    • Reorganization
    • Other Side Of The Mountains
    • Ghost Of Christmas Future
  • 13th Wolf Guards, 3051
  • 13th Wolf Guards Roster
    • Other Side Of The Mountains
  • Assault on Satalice
    • Against The Pack
    • Knight's Oath
    • Landsvag Fyra
    • City Streets
    • Defenders Of The Flag
    • Showdown At Smorjaflod
  • Campaign: Capture A Prince
    • Hunter's Strike
    • Wolf Trap
    • Gronfalt Escape
    • At Bay