Morning Violence

Morning Violence
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In service untilDecember 3068 (destroyed)

The Aegis-class heavy cruiser CSR Morning Violence was a WarShip within the Clan Snow Raven touman.


Operation REVIVAL[edit]

The Morning Violence was a REVIVAL-era loan to the Jade Falcons, part of the Snow Raven contract with them before their falling out surrounding the Bloodhouse McKenna debacle in 3055.[1] While located in the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone, the Morning Violence was assigned to Vau Galaxy, specifically the Fourth Falcon Talon Cluster.[2]

Post Great Refusal[edit]

As of 3061, the WarShip was serving as one of ten WarShips that made up the Lum Garrison Fleet. Paired with another heavy cruiser, the Sovetskii Soyuz-class CSR Avalanche, the Morning Violence was responsible for patrolling the shipping lanes stretching out from Lum to the zenith jump point and the accompanying Tivoli station located there.[3]

The Morning Violence continued to serve in the Lum Garrison Fleet until at least 3067, operating alongside a sister ship, the CSR Scabbard, the Avalanche, the Potemkin-class cruisers CSR Bonaventure and CSR Eden Rose, three destroyers - the Lola III-class CSR Bloody Talon, the York-class CSR Corvidae and the Whirlwind-class CSR Drake - and the Vincent-class corvette CSR Huninn.[4]

In December 3068, three Snow Raven WarShips were involved in a large Trial of Possession in the Lum system called by Clan Star Adder's Delta Naval Star for control of the planet's orbital space. The resulting battle saw almost six Stars of WarShips and DropShips and almost seven Stars of aerospace fighters battle each other in one of the largest naval engagements to be fought in the Clan Homeworlds up to that point. The only Snow Raven WarShip to survive the engagement was the Bloody Talon; the other two Snow Raven WarShips present[5] - subsequently confirmed as being the Avalanche and the Morning Violence[6] - were crippled and on fire, and the CSA Cho Polu, a Volga-class transport, was destroyed, burning in Lum's atmosphere before carving large craters in the surface of the planet with its remains.[5]

During the Jihad, media agencies within the Outworlds Alliance erroneously reported that the Morning Violence had been badly damaged or destroyed during an attack on a Snow Raven flotilla holding a conclave in the Dante system in March 3071; the reports were based on the communications log salvaged from the Omniss Seed, a civilian agrofreighter destroyed during the attack.[7]


The destruction of the Avalanche and four other Snow Raven WarShips unaccounted for specifically by name in sourcebooks was confirmed by the BattleTech Developer Øystein Tvedten via the Catalyst Game Labs Ask The Writers Forum:

*Opens Ye Olde Tome of Warshippe*

Avalanche - Lum 3068
Morning Violence - Lum 3068
Eternity - Lum 3070
Blue Lancer - Lum 3070
Tenacity - Lum 3070

With regards,

  — Øystein Tvedten, 01 November 2013


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