Morris Davion-Harland

Morris Davion-Harland
Character Profile
Died 11 August 3068[1]
Affiliation House Davion-Harland
Title(s) Duke of Bryceland[1][2]
Position Planetary Governor of Bryceland[1]
Profession Noble
Spouse Jane[2]
Children Samantha Davion-Harland[2]

Morris Davion-Harland was a Federated Suns noble.


Military service[edit]

Davion-Harland served with the AFFC. One of his most notable battles was on Thestria, where he fought an entire Draconis Combine BattleMech company.[3]


By 3057 Morris was Duke of Bryceland.[2]


The book Dawn of the Jihad lists the character's name as Morris Harland-Davion.


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