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Mualang nearby systems
Mualang nearby systems
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System Information
X:Y Coordinates 96.414 : 265.681[e]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Planetary Info[edit]

For most of its history, Mualang has been controlled by the Draconis Combine. The planetary capital, as of 3052, is Mualang City.[31]

Planetary History[edit]

Star League[edit]

During the final years of the Star League, Mualang was the host to a Star League Defense Force garrison.[32]

Clan Invasion[edit]

In January of 3052, Mualang was targeted by Clan Nova Cat as part of the invasion of the Inner Sphere. The Nova Cat's Beta Galaxy assigned its Nova Cat Lancers to invade the planet. Protecting the planet was the 9th Dieron Regulars, who's commander misunderstanding of the Clan's bidding ritual caused his force to be overpowered. The 9th Dieron's attack against the Lancers turned out to be too much, find bulk of the force in a pincer action. The Regular withdrew into the city, where its commander's knowledge of Clan rules would end up having Nova Cats tear into the city pursing his retreating force. Fearing destruction of the city, he steer his force to Spaceport in hopes of withdrawing from the planet. Unfortunately, they would soon arrived to find their DropShips had already been taken by the Clanners.[33]

Operation Bulldog[edit]

In May of 3059, during the second wave of Operation Bulldog, the 1st Proserpina Hussars and the 1st Kestrel Grenadiers invaded Mualang. The defending Nova Cats 119th Striker Cluster conducted a full-on Trial of Possession for control the planet. The Hussars prevailed against the Nova Cats in the end.[34]

Ghost Bear Incursion[edit]

In 3084, elements of Clan Ghost Bear's 9th Provisional Garrison Cluster invaded the planet. Initially, 1st Sword of Light was deployed to the planet to try to repulse the invasion. However, reinforcement are called in form of Clan Nova Cat's 246th Battle Cluster. Fight continues until November, where the Bear's logistic support fails and is unable sustain the 9th Garrison's efforts. The Ghost Bears would soon withdraw from the planet and return to Dominion space.[35]

Dark Age[edit]

The Draconis Combine lost Mualang to the Rasalhague Dominion during the Second Combine-Dominion War. The Combine subsequently launched an attempt to recapture Mualang in 3110, deploying a task force drawn from several formations led by elements from the Sword of Light for the attack. The Combine attempt was unsuccessful, but the actions of Star Commander James, pilot of a Kite Reconnaissance Vehicle and commander of the Ghost Bear artillery forces in action were notable enough that he was sponsored for the Devon Bloodname. During the battle for Mualang James flew his Kite into the thick of the fighting, destroying three Combine 'Mechs himself while calling in artillery fire and disrupting communications to the extent that he single-handedly neutralized the Combine command 'Mech for much of the battle. The Mualang battle marked the beginning of James climb to the rank of Galaxy Commander within the Ghost Bear touman.[36]

Military Deployment[edit]




  • Seventeenth Rasalhague Regulars[38]



3062 to 3067[edit]




Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 36 systems (34 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Yamarovka 17.6 Kanowit 25.8 Tinaca 27.1 Baruun Urt 29.4
Tuat 30.2 Asgard 30.2 Tarazed 32.9 Tanh Linh 33.9
Marawi 34.1 Kiamba 36.2 Port Arthur 36.6 Sternwerde 36.8
Sheliak 40.2 Alshain 40.3 Babuyan 43.2 Braunton 43.4
Xinyang 44.1 Thessalonika 44.9 Dumaring 45.6 Kaesong 48.1
Paracale 50.2 Itabaiana 52.0 Soverzene 52.3 Krenice 53.1
Ardoz 54.0 Avon 55.7 Ogano 56.2 Caripare 56.5
Bilma 57.4 Odabasi 57.8 Meilen 58.7 Oyevaina 58.8
Setubal 59.3 Dyfed 59.9 Cyrenaica 60.7 Sakai 61.1


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