Muskegon Coalition

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Muskegon Coalition
State Profile
Founding Year 2163[1]
Dissolution year: 2318
Capital world: Muskegon
Controlled system(s): 7[1]
Head of State Commander

The Muskegon Coalition was a pre–Age of War interstellar nation that existed between 2163 to 2317. It was notable for being the first non–Terran interstellar nation formed. The nation consisted of a group of seven worlds[1]


Accidental Colonization of Muskegon[edit]

The Coalition's structure originated with a colonial expedition gone wrong. In 2163, a JumpShip carrying a large colony expedition to the world of McHenry experienced a misjump. The ship was displaced into the Muskegon system, home to a single marginally habitable world. The command crew of the disabled JumpShip decided they needed to take harsh measures in order for anyone to survive. The ship's crew established a colony on the only habitable world in the system, adopting a strict leadership model to govern the colony. Since they were in control of the JumpShip's vital systems, they succeeded in taking the control of the situation, establishing a colony on the forbidding planet with the million colonist passengers.

Within a generation, Muskegon was bifurcated into two classes. The JumpShip's company became the aristocrats known as Crew Class, where the passengers became workers of the Colonist Class. The supreme leadership of the colony itself became known as the Office of the Expedition Commander, and its hereditary holder was styled Commander of Muskegon. The colony prospered under the restrictive rule of leadership and harshness of the planet. The colonists began toiling to build a sufficient industrial and technological base to repair their ship.[2]

The Coalition is born[edit]

In 2177, the technicians managed to repair the colony's JumpShip. The Commander called for a group of volunteers who would board the ship and seek a new home for the colony. The JumpShip discovered two nearby worlds, Beten Kaitos and Emerson. These worlds were found to be rich in resources, but nearly as inhospitable as Muskegon itself. Muskegon's leadership sent political prisoners and deportees to colonize Emerson, while volunteers from the population left to settle on Beten Kaitos. These new worlds were governed by a network of Crew Class officials who owed loyalty to the Commander of Muskegon. These colonies funneled raw materials back to Muskegon, where they helped produce additional JumpShips and support craft to expand the new Muskegon Coalition. By 2190, the Muskegon Coalition encompassed six planets, all under the direct leadership of the Commander of Muskegon.

While Emerson was an important world to the Coalition, its ties with Muskegon were not strong, thanks to the dissident spirit of its founders. When a Chesterton Trade vessel arrived at Emerson in 2195, the world chose to join that nation. The Commander hoped to turn the world into a bustling port of entry between the two nations, dreaming of the revenues that could be gained through high tariffs.[2]

The Outer Reaches Rebellion sparked an upswing for the Coalition. With the withdrawal of the Terran Alliance's armed forces in 2237, there was an explosion of new independent governments seeking trade partners. However, while it should have been the beginning of a Golden Age for the Coalition , the greed of the ruling aristocracy hampered their development. Rather than being able to dominate its younger neighbors, Muskegon was being left behind.[3]

During this time, the Muskegon government reached new levels of brutality to its citizens, at levels that future historians saw as unmatched for brutality anywhere but Bandit Kingdoms. One such incident occurred in 2293, when a young woman left her child outside the home of the Commander, Hassan Achmeed. Achmeed responded by declaring that taking in children would distract him from his work governing the Coalition, and ordered the baby killed and put on public display as a warning. The child's mother appeared shortly after at Achmeed's home, saying she would never have left the child with him had she known he was "a man without a heart." Achmeed made a similar example of her.[4]

Birth of the Federated Suns, breakup of the Coalition[edit]

In the mid-2310s, the Prime Minister of New Avalon, Lucien Davion, visited Muskegon as part of his tour to rally support for his new proposal to unite surrounding worlds into a new nation.

Commander Jehan Achmeed was interested in the proposal but did not attend the Crucis Pact conference in 2317. He was concerned at the time of what the outcome would be of joining the new nation on his power and influence.[5] After a year of consideration, he decided the best course to take was to sign up and merge his nation with the nascent Federated Suns.[1]

The Coalition formally joined the Federated Suns in 2318, a year after its formation hoping to strengthen their position. Five of the seven worlds became part of the Federated Suns. However, due to its harsh leadership and the original treatment of its first colony worlds, Emerson and Beten Kaitos announced they were instead joining the Chesterton Trade League. This triggered a conflict between Chesterton Trade League and Federated Suns and led to the end of the Coalition. Furthermore, the underperforming Federated Peacekeeping Forces were roundly defeated and both worlds remained with Chesterton.[6]


Though the Muskegon Coalition was integrated into the Federated Suns, elements of it would persist for centuries. The Commander's office, Muskegon's power over its colony worlds and the structure of Muskegon government remained in place until the Davion Civil War, when a descendant of the family opposed Alexander Davion in the Davion Civil War. In response, Muskegon's remaining privileges were stripped from it and its government forcibly rearranged.[3]


At various times it was referred to as Muskegon's coalition, Muskegon Empire, or simply as Muskegon. This ambiguity was finally resolved in Interstellar Operations.[7]


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