Myndo Waterly

Myndo Waterly
Myndo Waterly
Born1 January 3001
Died6 June 3052
ProfessionPrimus of ComStar

Myndo Waterly was the Primus of ComStar who attempted to herald the organization's predominance in Inner Sphere politics with the unsuccessful Operation SCORPION.


Early life[edit]

Myndo Waterly was born into a humble family of plantation workers on the Green Tea Commune on the Draconis Combine world of Kuzuu. The young Myndo was a gifted student who attracted the attention of the ISF and O5P, who sponsored her education at the prestigious University of Dieron. Seemingly set for a life in the Combine intelligence services, Myndo witnessed the shooting death of a fellow student who she had a relationship with and who was apparently involved in a minor underground movement. Directly after being released from questioning by ISF officials, Myndo entered the ComStar compound on Dieron. The driven Waterly quickly and ruthlessly ascended the ranks of the Order, attracting controversy for the speed of her promotions and her radical and militant interpretation of the writings of Jerome Blake.[1]

Precentor Dieron[edit]

As of 3025, Myndo Waterly was Precentor of the prestigious Dieron Hyperpulse Generator.[2] As Precentor Dieron, Waterly served as the head and advocate for all HPG stations within the Draconis Combine and held a seat on the First Circuit, the Blessed Order's decision making council.

In May 3027, Waterly intentionally leaked information to the Draconis Combine's Internal Security Force that Melissa Steiner, Archon-Designate of the Lyran Commonwealth, was stranded in Combine space in the Styx system.[3] Despite breaching the First Circuit's strict nonintervention policy, Waterly was exonerated in the excommunication trial held to decide her fate.[4]

In mid-3030, with the Draconis Combine and the rest of the Inner Sphere still recovering from the Fourth Succession War, Waterly elaborated Operation ROSEBUD, a plan to create a new state in the Rasalhague district of the Draconis Combine, in exchange for advanced BattleMechs. She brought her proposal to Coordinator Takashi Kurita and it was rejected out of hand.[5] Unperturbed, Waterly met with Takashi's Heir-designate, Gunji-no-Kanrei Theodore Kurita, on Dieron in September 3030. There, she made him the offer, and he agreed.[6][7][8][9]

During the War of 3039, Waterly once again met with the Kanrei on Dieron. Waterly was infuriated that the Combine had retained twenty worlds from the old Rasalhague District, reorganizing them into the Alshain Military District. Theodore rebutted her argument by noting that the equipment House Kurita had received had been stripped of their advanced technology. Both ultimately agreed to continue their arrangement, and Theodore further provided Waterly with a gift: Frederick Steiner, secretly held prisoner in the Combine for several years, would enter ComStar's service and be renamed Anastasius Focht, Precentor Martial of the Com Guards. Under his command and expertise, ComStar's military would reach impressive heights.[10][11]

Primus of ComStar[edit]

Upon returning to Terra with her "gift", Waterly accused Precentor ROM Nicholas Cassnew of gross negligence in the agreement with the Combine, despite the fact she had taken the lead role in negotiations, as a pretext to promote the renamed Anastasius Focht in his stead. Despite the lack of knowledge of his background or beliefs, the First Circuit approved Focht's appointment as Precentor ROM with minimal complaint, Waterly calling in political favors and offering concessions to opponents to ensure this.[11]

Waterly would come to question this decision when First Prince Hanse Davion launched Operation FLUSH, a mass purge of ROM elements in the Federated Commonwealth in 3034. Rather than the bloody counterstrike she assumed, Focht responded with a war of confusion, directing those agents left in FedCom space to force the MIIO to waste its resources investigating red herrings. Displeased with Focht's "soft-handed" response to FLUSH, Waterly proposed the Readjustment Act of 3035 which saw ROM and the Com Guards separated, naming the aggressive Charles Seneca as the new Precentor ROM and creating the position of Precentor Martial for Focht, placing him purely in direct command of the Com Guards.[12]

During the Andurien Secession Waterly acted as arbitrator between the two sides in hopes of settling the matter peacefully. From late April until 19 May 3039 the two factions held talks in Geneva. Despite intransigence by both parties on particular points, Waterly did succeed in securing agreements on ComStar-facilitated humanitarian supplies, inviolable HPG and medical facilities, and civilian safe havens all protected by the newly revealed Com Guards. To underscore her points, both parties were invited to a demonstration of what the Com Guards' Star League technology-equipped force was capable of. Never forced into an active role, the Com Guards were forced to resist pressure from both sides as they provided aid and shelter. This image of ComStar as peacemakers played well across the Inner Sphere. Following the war, the Com Guard began widespread deployment throughout the Free Worlds League, ostensibly for their humanitarian works but Thomas Marik privately admitted it was for a sharing of information.[13][14]

Operation SCORPION[edit]

Lacking trust in the victory brokered by Focht in the Truce of Tukayyid, Waterly launched Operation SCORPION, named for a parable Focht had introduced her to previously.

Death and legacy[edit]

Following the failure of Operation SCORPION, Waterly was reportedly challenged by Anastasius Focht for the right to continue in the role of Primus. Refusing to step down, she was shot in the back of the head by Focht,[15] though ComStar archives explain the death as a cerebral hemorrhage. The Word of Blake maintains, truthfully as it happens, that Focht and Sharilar Mori, Waterly's successor, had Myndo killed.[16]

When Myndo's body was to be cremated, it mysteriously disappeared; Focht feared it had been stolen for use as a symbol of worship by the Word of Blake, however no trace of the body was found, nor has anyone claimed responsibility for its theft.[17]

After her death, Myndo was revered as a martyr by the Blakists, and one of the more radical factions, the Sixth of June movement, chose the date of Myndo's death as their name.

Philosophical and/or political views[edit]

Portrait Gallery[edit]


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