Mystic Caste

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The Mystic Caste is a subcaste of Clan Nova Cat's Warrior Caste, begun in 3102 at the end of the Second Dominion-Combine War in order to breed a new psychic-wielding warrior meant to safeguard the Clan with their ability to not just receive visions, but tell the future in a rudimentary way through observance. They are not altogether trusted by the rest of Clan Nova Cat, but many of the Commanders have faith in the Mystics assigned to them, that they will bring them victory through visions.


The genemother of all Mystic Sibkos is Minoru Nova Cat, thus disqualifying all future Mystics from attaining a bloodname in the Clan. This was done by then Khan Ajax Drummond, to ensure no Mystic would know their place in the Clan, and serve rather than try to corral power.[1]

Notable Mystics[edit]


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