NL-45 Gunboat

NL-45 Gunboat.jpg
NL-45 "Gunboat"
Production information
Manufacturer United Outworlders Corporation
Use Assault
Patrol Ship
Boarding Craft
Electronic Warfare
Type (Shape) Military Spheroid
Tech Base Clan
Cost ???
Introduced 3094
Technical specifications
Mass 190 Tons
Structural Integrity 8
Length 18 Meters
Engine (Type) fusion
Safe Thrust 5
Maximum Thrust 8
Fuel 10 tons (800 Points)
Burn Rate
Armor Ferro-Aluminum Armor
Heat Sinks 21 Double Heat Sinks
Crew 1 officer
2 enlisted/non-rated
1 gunner
6 bay personnel
BV (1.0)
BV (2.0) 4,343[1][2]


Created by the Raven Alliance, the NL-45 "Gunboat" is a Clan small craft designed for the role of a patrol and small escort vessel. Produced by United Outworlders Corporation on Ramora, the NL-45 is also used to augment Clan Snow Raven's touman of aerospace assets by serving as a boarding and Electronic Warfare craft.

The "Gunboat" would soon become a boon to the UOC, becoming a popular model to sell to other Clans.[3]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

Designed to provide heavy firepower, the craft's main arsenal is mostly focused in its front firing arc. Mounted in the nose section are two ER PPCs with a pair of Clan built Class 5 Rotary Autocannons. The aft firing arc is armed with a pair of ER Large Lasers, so as to fend off anyone tailing the "Gunboat".

The hull is layered with 22 tons of Ferro-Aluminum armor, and with two Anti-Missile Systems that are found in each of its left & right flanks.

To fulfill its role as an Electronic Warfare vessel, the craft carries both an ECM Suite and a Beagle Active Probe.[4]


Built in line with the original Star League NL-series transports, the NL-45 is able to carry only a single Point of battle armor. This leaves only a half-ton worth of room for general cargo.


  • All crew members have to sleep in steerage-class quarters.

Named Vessels[edit]


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