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Naga (WarShip class)

Naga (Destroyer) TRO3057r.png
Production information
Manufacturer Terran Hegemony
Introduced 2645
Production Year 2645[1]
Use Destroyer
Tech Base Star League
Cost 1,664,812,000 C-bills[citation needed]
Technical specifications
Mass 540,000 tons
Length 540 meters
Sail Diameter 1,200 meters
Fuel 2,000 tons
Burn Rate 39.52
Safe Thrust 1 g
Top Thrust 1.5 g
Sail Integrity 4
KF Drive Integrity 12
LF Battery No
Armor 174 tons standard
DropShip Capacity 0
Crew 201[2]
  • 35 Officers
  • 132 Enlisted
  • 34 Gunners

Bay Personnel: 44

Grav Decks 1 x 55 meters diameter
Escape Pods/Life Boats 10/22
Heat Sinks 620 single
Structural Integrity 68
BV (1.0) 19,914[2]


The Naga-class light destroyer was designed by the Terran Hegemony as a light, but well-armed, escort ship for the fleets of the Star League Navy. The class was launched in 2645 and was intended as a replacement for the venerable Essex I-class destroyer. The Naga was extremely successful in its role, and became the core class of vessel for Star League fleets for a half-century.

The success of the Naga stemmed from one trait alone: lower price tags. However, that is not to say the Naga is lacking to meet a budget: the class mounts an effective and concentrated mix of weapons, with combat focused on short-ranged naval engagements. However, the class’s dependence on ammunition, lack of agility, and thin armor mean that the Naga is not intended for independent missions, though it can operate for an extended time from its own stores.[2]

The Naga-class formed the core of Star League escort fleets for 50 years until it was replaced by the upgraded Essex II-class destroyer, commissioned in 2707 and launched in 2711; an odd twist of fate, considering the class was originally commissioned to replace the original Essex I-class.

An unknown number of Nagas left with the Star League-in-Exile on Operation EXODUS,[1] while five Naga-class vessels were known to have survived the Amaris Civil War in the Inner Sphere. The Blue Lotus was a Draconis Combine Admiralty vessel destroyed by the Lyran Commonwealth above Luthien.[3] Four others were found entangled with ComStar and the Word of Blake breakaway sect. One, the RWN Dystopia, was found by ComStar in 3051 in a ruined Rim Worlds Republic system with no further verified information on the vessel to be found,[4] though a Naga undergoing refurbishment at the Ruins of Gabriel was scuttled before Anti-WoB Coalition forces could capture it during the Blakist Jihad.[5] The other three were left in mothballs above Neptune, the 8th planet of the Sol system. The Word of Blake was attempting to restore these vessels to combat readiness in the decade before the Jihad, which they did as Caspar II drones,[6] despite ComStar incredulity.[2]


As an escort vessel, the Naga’s only mission was to remain close to the fleet and engage incoming enemy capital vessels. As such, the Naga mounts a mix of naval lasers, naval autocannons, and naval PPCs. The Naga also has a trio of naval missile systems, capable of engaging smaller vessels. The ammunition needs of the vessel were streamlined to require only three ammunition types. However, the Naga is almost completely dependent upon its fighter screen and other vessels within its parent fleets for protection from aerospace fighters. The class is also particularly defenseless on its aft firing arcs.[2]


As a cheap alternative for the Star League Navy, the Naga-class is stripped down in almost every sense, including transport capability. The Naga-class cannot ferry DropShips; most of its cargo space is used to carry more ammunition.[2]

Small Craft (2)
  • Bay 2: Cargo (142,437 tons), 1 Door


  • Caspar II Control Ship 
    Designed and built by the Word of Blake to control the drone fighters used in their SDS system, three Naga WarShips whose K-F Drives were destroyed were outfitted with command and control systems. The heavy armor plating and in-system mobility allowed these three ships to evade combat and control the drone defense systems much longer than a controller on the ground or even in a space station. The fact that they carried heavy armor and capital weapons also contributed to their battlefield longevity. In addition, these command vessels were equipped with thirty-six Advanced Robotic Transport System-equipped fighter bays, allowing them to carry and deploy Hive-class aerospace Fighter sized drones. Further capitalizing on the space available, the standard weaponry was augmented with ten SCL/2, nine SCL/1, thirty-two Large Variable Speed Pulse Lasers, and thirty-two Artemis IV-enhanced MML-9 launchers. These weapons are perfect for destroying enemy aerospace fighters. To provide even more protection, the Command Nagas also carried four screen launchers and eight anti-missile systems. One of these ships coordinated the destruction of the CSS Invisible Truth during Operation SCOUR.[7] BV (2.0) = 35,397[6]

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