The Nagelring

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The Nagelring
The Nagelring academy logo
The Nagelring academy logo
Academy Information
Location Tharkad
Founding Year Star League era
Course Information
BattleMech ca. 2570
Aerospace By 2765[1]
Armor By 2765[1]
Battle armor By 3062[2]
Infantry By 2765[1]
Spacecraft By 2765[1][3]
Artillery By 2765[1]
Technician By 2765[1]
Specialist By 2765[1]

The Nagelring academy logo

Originally a Star League Defense Force academy, the Nagelring is the premier military Academy in the Lyran Commonwealth/Lyran Alliance, named after the sword of an ancient German folk hero.


The Nagelring was constructed as part of Ian Cameron's incentives for Tracial Steiner, should she bring her realm into the Star League.[4] The Nagelring grew into one of the SLDF's 60 comprehensive academies, as well as working closely with the SLDF's Eighth Fleet.[3] Though operating as a Star League academy for its first two centuries of operation, much of the original faculty stayed on after Operation EXODUS. The school soon became the centerpiece of the Lyran academy system, producing troops for every branch of the LCAF.[5] The academy's sprawling park-like facilities are located on the continent of Bremen on Tharkad and offer recruits courses for a multitude of military occupations, as well as civilian courses including chemistry and literature. Unlike other military academies within Lyran territory, students wear a gray uniform with a sky-blue trim, and the school rag is blue[6][7]

Peter Steiner-Davion gathered his forces at his alma mater during the Battle of Tharkad in the FedCom Civil War, rallying at the Nagelring grounds after the first major clash. Peter's coalition forces skirmished with Nondi Steiner's Loyalists forces for over a month, before the General of the Armies personally led her forces in an attack across the Wash, the river separating the Nagelring from Tharkad City. After the Loyalist line broke, the Allies proceeded from the Nagelring directly into the capitol.[8]

The Nagelring suffered extensive damage during the Word of Blake invasion and occupation of the Lyran capital during the Jihad, but thanks to both its location and position in the military training hierarchy, the campus was rebuilt.[9] Back in operation as of 3085, the rebuilt Nagelring's class sizes were much smaller than those prior to the Jihad, but in one respect the facility was unchanged, still producing officers that heavily relied on social status rather than skill in the field for upward mobility in LCAF.[10]

Clan Wolf viewed the Nagelring as a legitimate military target during their attack on Tharkad in July 3143. Not only were students and instructors of the military academy involved in the nonstop fighting, but civilian employees joined in as well. Approximately 50 percent of Nagelring students and faculty were killed in action.[11]


Entrance into the academy is extremely difficult, and a social split exists between noble and non-noble students. This division, apparent during the era of the LCAF and renewed since the rise of Katherine Steiner-Davion, has perpetuated the idea that Lyran officers are more social creatures than martial. Although officially not tolerated, some within the academy perpetuate this rivalry in the hopes of building character in the students.[7]


Military courses offered by the Nagelring include: BattleMech, aerospace, armor, battle armor, infantry, spacecraft, artillery, technician, specialist. [12] The Nagelring also formed a training battalion in 3067 as the LAAF attempted to recoup its losses from the FedCom Civil War. The unit was a combined-arms battalion that was outfitted primarily through private donations rather than more typical routes, and therefore reflected old-school Lyran combat biases, with no light 'Mechs at all and an average mass of 65 tons. The unit, slated to officially begin operating in January 3068, was still assembling when the Jihad hit. [13] The unit was not listed among the cohesive units fighting on Tharkad, and any survivors were likely folded into either the Royal Guards or Twenty-fourth Lyran Guards.[14]


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Notable graduates include Katrina Steiner[15], Victor Steiner-Davion[16], Morgan Kell, Peter Steiner-Davion, and Aleksandr Kerensky.[17] Phelan Kell also attended but did not graduate.[18]

The Nagelring was also part of an exchange program between the Commonwealth and the Federated Suns during the thirty-second century. Julian Davion attended the academy in the year 3129, though a practical joke he and Callandre Kell carried out in the Archon's throne room resulted in Kell's expulsion,[19] the voiding of Julian's credits for the academic year and a three-year suspension for the exchange program.[20]


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