Nancy Madoc

Nancy Madoc
Affiliation Word of Blake
Manei Domini
Rank Adept

An Adept with the Manei Domini by October 3069,[1], she was the aide of Precentor Gazael the roving troubleshooter with the Word of Blake.


In 3069, she was already the aide of Precentor Gazael when he and his team resolved a hostage situation on Arboris, uncovering illicit dealings involving the local Security Administrator (one Precentor Bowman Franks) in the process.[1]

In 3071, the Capellan Confederation turned against the Word of Blake and besieged the HPG station on Phact. When Gazael was sent to solve the issue, she was part of Gazeel's team, that staged a rescue operation that involved dropping Protectorate Militia to secure the spaceport and evacuate the HPG personnel, around 350 people. The entire mission was, however, a cover for a side mission where Gazael had renegade Precentor Meridon Shument killed; Shument had fled the Word of Blake and was going to leak critical HPG technology to the Confederation.[2]

In the Phact mission, Gazeel would told her that though he was not technically ordered had to mount the rescue operation at the HPG to fulfill his true objective (the capture or killing of Meridon Shument]], he felt that he could not leave the HPG personnel and their families to the Confederation's mercy.[2]


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