Naomi Djerassi

Naomi Djerassi
Affiliation Clan Goliath Scorpion
Profession Infantry

Naomi Djerassi (born 27?? - died 28??) was a Clan Goliath Scorpion infantry officer who would win a significant single-handed victory for her Clan during Operation KLONDIKE.[1]


Most of the details about the life of this warrior begin with the tale of her victory at Kepler Atoll. It may be assumed that she underwent extensive Special Forces training during some point in her life prior to Operation KLONDIKE, evidenced mainly by her achievements.

Treachery at Kepler Atoll[edit]

Assigned to take Kepler Atoll with David Marsden as part of the Dagda campaign, the two initially met success in negotiations with Marco Wye, potentate of the sea-based city, securing an agreement for the atoll's surrender to the Clans. But upon attempting to leave the facility, they were assaulted on the landing platform by rebel troops. David Marsden killed five of his attackers before they were able to take him down after his pistol jammed, throwing his body into the sea. Naomi Djerassi killed four of her attackers before being taken prisoner.[1]

Dragged back before the potentate, she was mocked when she warned them of a massive Clan reprisal for their actions. She was then tortured and beaten before being thrown into an pool that held several captured seawolves. The Keplans expected her to be ripped to pieces as most victims of this practice were. But this time, the aquatic mammals actually saved Djerassi's life for reasons not fully understood. Being possessed of an uncommon level of rudimentary intelligence, it is theorized that perhaps they recognized a fellow victim of their cruel keepers. Naomi Djerassi maintained that she had actually died and then was reborn amid the seawolves on the rare occasions that she would recall her actions on Keplar Atoll.[1]

Vengeance on the High Seas[edit]

The consequences for the Keplans were most dire. Over the course of the next two weeks, Djerassi would take the war to the inhabitants of the city. Soon, 50 of Wye's soldiers were missing or dead, and the populace was in terror of the "seawolf ghost", an almost demonic figure who would strike her unsuspecting victims without warning and at any time. At the height of her campaign of terror, she suddenly confronted Marco Wye himself, throwing him to the seawolves who fed ravenously on their main tormentor.[1]

Djerassi then ordered the now compliant if not terror-stricken inhabitants to release the seawolves. She then told them all to flee the doomed atoll after she sabotaged the main power reactor. Scorpion recon craft would mistake the explosion for a nuclear blast. Djerassi was found and retrieved from a drifting life raft with a dozen survivors.[1]


Achieving considerable acclaim and notoriety for her deeds on Kepler Atoll, Naomi Djerassi is a legend among Clan Goliath Scorpion's warriors. Founder of the Djerassi Bloodname House, her determination and prowess would become hallmarks of her Clan's most important Elemental Bloodlines.[1][2]


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