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Nashan Diversified
Corporation Profile
Founding Year 2795
Headquarters: Alarion,
Gulf Breeze,
Products: JumpShips,
Diverse other things
Division(s) Nashan Computers,
Nashan Architectural,
Nashan Foods,
Nashan Pharmaceuticals,
Nashan Shipping,
Nashan Communications and Entertainment,
Nashan Mining of Gulf Breeze,
Nashan Underwriters of Tharkad

Nashan Diversified is an interstellar conglomerate headquartered on Lyran Commonwealth world of Donegal.


Founded officially in 2795, the corporation was originally named Ns-Shan Computer Tracking Company. As Ns-Shan, the computer manufacturer was aggressive in selling its quality computers beneath the competition's prices. By 2795 it had 30% of Lyran market and it formally changed its name. The company began to buy up smaller companies to build itself up in dawn of the First Succession War.

Nashan Diversified began a period of rapid growth when Margaret Doons took control of the company in 3021. The young and ambitious Doons had recently mustered out of the LCAF and used her new control of the company to enter into the military hardware market. The company formed partnerships with Defiance Industries to open N&D Targeting Computers on Furillo and the ambitious N&D Shipyards project above Alarion.[1] The company added four new divisions as it expanded into the Federated Suns thanks to the free trade included in the Federated Commonwealth alliance. This propelled Nashan Diversified into a strong position in the superstate and made its CEO, Duchess Doons, the most powerful businesswoman in the FedCom.[2]

By 3067, the company was the largest in the Lyran Alliance, adding a number of smaller companies as divisions, such as the Gulf Breeze Mining Union. They were known for producing wide range of products from pharmaceuticals to WorkMechs.[3]

In 3076, Nashan Diversified had seemingly padded its lead as the largest company in Lyran space, shifting resources around the company and actually managing to increase the value of the company even as the Jihad continued. One StarCorps researcher even declared that "Nashan Diversified is to Defiance Industries what the Lyran Alliance is to the Marian Hegemony."[4]

The organization was infamous for its ultra-elite security force known as the Black Guard.[3]

After the Clan Invasion, Nashan Shipping was hiring mercenary forces to guard their DropShips and JumpShips. Later investigations found that Nashan used some of these mercenary forces to deliver supplies to resistance cells operating in the Clan Occupation Zones.[5]

Nashan Diversified had owned some hyper-advanced satellite manufacturing facilities prior to the Jihad,[6] manufacturing such designs as the SneakSat,[7] but these facilities were destroyed by the Word of Blake during the Jihad, along with the facilities of Nashan's closest competitor in the satellite market, Doering Electronics. As of 3084, neither company had rebuilt its facilities, and the damage to various satellite manufacturers had led to surviving civilian industries rapidly expanding to meet the demand for replacements.[6]


The position of CEO is passed down hereditarily through the Doons family, such as when a young Duchess Margaret Doons claimed the title in 3021 following the death of her father. The title of CEO holds tremendous power in the company, which allowed her to summarily disband its Board of Directors in 3024 and exercise more direct control over company operations.[1] Duchess Doons continued to hold that position until at least 3076.[4]


Nashan Diversified has large range of divisions producing or providing services throughout both the Lyran Commonwealth and Federated Suns territories. Section is divided by named products produced and basic info listed what they produce. See N&D for components manufactured through their cooperative agreement with Defiance Industries.

Nashan Diversified has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


  • Nashan Computers - Producer of Personal & Commercial Computers and Software.


  • Nashan Architectural - Design and construction of buildings.[3][8]
  • Nashan Foods - Production of Basic and Gourmet Foods.[3] Division head as of 3025: Jacob Deitrichson. Its headquarters originally located on New Exford, Nashan Foods owns huge tracts of fertile land on New Exford, Bountiful Harvest, Graceland, Summit and Hamilton and was one of the few interstellar food companies active in Lyran space after the collapse of the Star League. By the end of the Third Succession War Nashan Foods was on the verge of becoming the sole food provider to a number of the heavily industrialized worlds in the Tamar Pact with a number of contracts with worlds in Draconis Combine space. Nashan Foods specializes in grains, fruits and other assorted products, but by 3025 its meat division was ramping up exports of cattle, pigs, Gnu-Oxen and bison from ranches on New Exford and Hamilton. Though approximately 75% of the company was in the basic food segment, the company was expanding into the gourmet segment with delicacies like Exford Truffles, Meat Lettuces of Harvest, Binsby Berries and Buleen Anchovies placing it in heavy competition with Bountiful Delicacies. The competition was reportedly hostile, with Bountiful Delicacies claiming a damaging outbreak of Henderson's Ich in 3025 wiped out Bountiful's stock of sturgeon was actually industrial espionage on the part of Nashan Foods.[8]
  • Nashan Pharmaceuticals - Producer of Medical Supplies and Pharmaceutical drugs. Built from the remains of Baker Pharmaceuticals, rather than reorganize and integrate Baker's Baker 3 headquarters into the ND family, Nashan chose to virtual liquidate the company and transfer its assets to Nashan's newer Donegal offices.[3]
  • Nashan Shipping - Donegal based Interstellar and planetary freight company.[3] Division Head as of 3025: Elisworth Codorniz. Nashan's smallest division of 3025, Nashan Shipping was originally formed to serve as the transportation division for Nashan Foods, before it began to sell spare cargo space on its freighters to help cut costs. Continuing this policy, including on occasion handling even secure ComStar cargos, Nashan Shipping quickly expanded to handle almost all the transportation needs for the entire Nashan Diversified group.[8]


Components produced on Furillo:[9]
Component Type
Fensalir Combat WiGE WiGE - (Since 3084)[10]
Sturmvogel Maritime Patrol WiGE[11] WiGE - (Since 3063)[12]
Swallow Attack WiGE (Original & Export Model)[9] WiGE - (Since 3092)[13]
Swallow Attack WiGE (Standard Model) WiGE - (Since 3095)[14]
Extralight Fusion Engine
Omni 200 XL Swallow[9]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
ArcShield Heavy ferro-fibrous Swallow[9]
Commercial Armor
Nashan LD Uni[15]
Communications System
Nashan Optichat Swallow[9] & Sturmvogel[11]
Targeting-Tracking System
T-800 Series 7 Swallow[9]
ER Medium Laser
BlazeFire Longshot Swallow[9]
LB 20-X AC
Defiance Disintegrator Swallow[9]


  • Nashan Communications and Entertainment - News and entertainment corporation based out of Gallery. Formerly known as Kelly Communications, Nashan acquired the company near the end of the Third Succession War in an exceedingly hostile takeover, with shots fired between Kelly security troops and Nashan agents resulting in censure of ND by the Lyran government.[8] The satellite systems produced on Gallery became increasingly important to the LAAF during the Jihad as the satellites were a valuable force multiplier when the combat strength of the LAAF was reducing.[16]

Gulf Breeze[edit]

  • Nashan Mining of Gulf Breeze - Mining consortium formerly owned by Gulf Breeze Mining Union. The gigantic space station based there produces large quantity of raw materials and has refining plants in-system.[17]


  • Nashan Underwriters of Tharkad - Legal and Financial services division of Nashan Diversified.


  • Nashan also produces the SneakSat military communication satellite; however there is no information on where it is produced. It is not listed here in this article for that reason.[18][7]


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