Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Profession Star Commander

Natalya was an Elemental Star Commander who served with the Falcon's Claw's Keshik under Star Colonel Nicolai Malthus.[1]


Natalya served alongside Nicolai Malthus during the early years of Operation Revival. She would fight the 1st Sommerset Strikers encountering them on Romulus, where she was able to capture Ciro Ramirez. Later on, Natalya would be station on Twycross where she would try to fight off the Strikers, until she was incapacitated by Val Ryder. During a scouting raid, she would intercept a Fed-Com transmission leading her to Camelot Base, where she and her warriors would fight elements of Clan Wolf in an attempt to capture the base. But Natalya and her forces would be forced to flee after the arrival of Adam Steiner. Natalya would even join Nicolai's personal goal of vengeance by claiming the Federated Commonwealth Jumpship, Excelsior on his orders. Natayla's last battle was on the world of Somerset, where she would be defeated by cadets and Strikers who were liberating the planet.[2]


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