Naval C3 System


An outgrowth of the Combine's C3 systems, the Naval C3 was introduced in 3065, this conceptual super network promises to link WarShip squadrons into finely tuned flotillas with greater coordination and firepower than any equivalent aerospace unit. Combine researchers swiftly found the act of constructing such a large and effective coordination network—capable of linking fire control for massive WarShip-mounted batteries—a lot more daunting than it was for ground forces, however. Adding in the unusual time delays of aerospace weapons fire and sensor readings presented additional challenges that nearly scrapped the project. Nevertheless, the Nirasaki Computer Collective persevered and was fielding functional, if limited, prototypes in the late 3060s. Regrettably, with few Combine WarShips and DropShips prepared to fully benefit from the technology, the disruption wreaked by the Jihad on the Combine’s shipyards left wide deployment of the naval C3 combat system in limbo.[1]

Game Rules[edit]

Construction Rules[edit]


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