Naval Comm-Scanner Suite


A Naval Comm-Scanner Suite is a set of multispectral telescopes and processing units first invented for WarShips by the Terran Alliance circa 2200.[1] It was primarily used to monitor communications and detect spacecraft emissions with much greater accuracy than that provided by standard sensor suites. Popular myth held that an NCSS could listen in on spoken conversations aboard another vessel, though in truth a covert signaling device was required for these operations. The NCSS was most famously used by the Star League's Bug-Eye surveillance ships.[1]


Game Notes[edit]

The NCSS comes in Small and Large sizes, weighing 100 and 500 tons respectively. The Small NCSS doubles a unit's maximum detection range, while the Large triples it, and both provide modifiers to detecting a target and initiative. NCSS systems may also mimic the functions of a High-Resolution Imager, with a maximum range of 500km for a Small NCSS and 2000km for a Large NCSS.[2]


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