Naval Particle Projector Cannon

Naval PPC (Capital PPC)


The Naval Particle Projector Cannon (or Naval PPC) weapon family is a unique energy weapon. Like the smaller version mounted on 'Mechs, the NPPC fires a concentrated beam of ions at a target, causing large amounts of damage to armor via impact and thermal transfer. The weapon's lethality rivals that of larger autocannon, but NPPCs generate a large amount of waste heat. Too large to be mounted on anything smaller than a WarShip, Naval PPCs are massive weapons that also served as a planet-based SDS installation.[1] In contrast to the Naval Autocannon, inaccurate SDS energy weapons fire from the planet wouldn't return to the planet's surface, causing damage.

The Naval PPC family is divided into three classifications:

The weapons were first developed by the Terran Hegemony in 2358. The Naval PPCs were the foundation that would lead to the development of the ground based smaller versions.[2] Unlike the ground based counterpart, as of 3067 no extended range or snub nose versions of the Naval PPC are known to exist. Like their laser and autocannon counterparts, Naval PPCs are not good at engaging targets massing less than 500 tons.[3][4] As a result, the SDS system frequently used standard LRM missile launchers to engage AeroSpace Fighters, and WarShips used conventional weapons to engage small, fast moving targets.[5][6]


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