Naxamander Anabasis

Naxamander Anabasis
AffiliationTortuga Dominions[1]
ChildrenLysandr Anabasis

Naxamander Anabasis was the commander of the Tortugan Phalanx.[1]


Naxamander Anabasis is most certainly a nom de guerre as the name does not appear on the rolls of the Inner Sphere militaries. Both Anabasis and the Phalanx were unknown until their 3071 attack on Lackland. He was fond of classical history, as evident by the ancient Greek names he gave to his military organization. Even his alias was Greek, with Anabasis meaning an "expedition up from." At some point his son Lysandr succeeded him to command the Phalanx, perhaps indicating he did not survive the 3076 attack on Tortuga by the Thumpers. He was last seen alive 5 December 3076, so appalled at the chemical attack outside Raider's Roost that he rampaged through the city and led his Phalanx to settle in another city.[1][2]


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