Necrosia is a clear, bright green liquid made from goliath scorpion venom. It plays an important role in Clan Goliath Scorpion culture, where the substance is used as a hallucinogenic drug.


The use of goliath scorpion venom first began during the early years of the Golden Century, when candidates wishing to enter the warrior caste subjected themselves to a goliath scorpion's sting as proof of their physical and mental toughness. The result of these tests, however, left the Clan dangerously weak as far too many applicants died from the neurotoxin, while survivors reported intensely psychoactive dream-states, purportedly showing them glimpses of the future.[1]

Wishing to cut down on the fatality rate while retaining its mystical properties, Clan Goliath Scorpion scientists created necrosia, an indigestible, luminous-green cocktail made from the venom. This complex mix of proteins and enzymes reduces the levels of histamine and alkaloids naturally present in the venom, while the hue is a result of the electrical milking process inadvertently capturing the fluorescent chemicals contained within the animal's tail. When consumed in controlled quantities, necrosia is safe to drink and induces the same type of hallucinogenic visions as the natural venom, though whether these visions are actual glimpses of the future is a matter of disagreement between the Clan's warrior and scientist castes.[1]

Unfortunately, many warriors became mentally and physically addicted to necrosia, which made them unsuitable as bondsmen to the other Clans.[2] Many also had the habit of imbibing the drink shortly before entering battle. Besides potentially inducing fantastical visions, the drink sometimes heightened senses, improved the warrior's resistance to pain, or even caused them to enter a state of zen-like focus which actually improved their accuracy. More often, the drink had no effect or caused moderate intoxication. In rare cases, the drink could cause the warrior enter a berserker state wherein they lash out at everyone around them, slip into a coma, or even die.[3]

Drink of Truth[edit]

Having studied necrosia and how it works on the brain extensively, by 3060 Clan Goliath Scorpion knew how to used it as a truth drug. For this purpose, the necrosia is injected, not ingested. In proper doses and when combined with (unspecified) other drugs, it could make a subject more susceptible to suggestion and reveal their innermost secrets. In the right mix, it could activate the brain's pleasure center when speaking the truth, or trigger pain when withholding information. This procedure often results in permanent damage to the subject, which gets worse the longer they resist. According to Rik Myers, this can lead to extensive brain damage, leaving subjects crippled or as vegetables, and sometimes in intense pain that does not wear off until they die.[4] (In this fashion, Oliver Howell was tortured to death over two days by Rik Myers, revealing all information Myers sought.)


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