Needler Rifle

Needler Rifle


The Needler Rifle is a vicious weapon that fires a spray of tiny fletchettes that can easily shred flesh. These fletchettes are created by shredding a polymer-composite block and fired by a burst of compressed gas, making the weapon noiseless with little to no recoil and the favorite choice of assassins. However, it is an incredibly short-ranged weapon with almost no armor penetration capabilities. This limits its use to self-defense and close-quarters combat, though it serves as an ideal weapon for boarding space-vessels.[1]

The Needler Rifle is less popular than its pistol version due to its size, however it has a larger charge of compressed gas and a greater range.[1]



Item: Needler Rifle[2]
Equipment Rating: D/B-B-B/D
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: 2B/5S
Range: 5/13/30/40 meters
Shots: 20
Cost/Reload: 75/2
Affiliation: -
Mass: 1kg/200g
Notes: Needler


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