Nemesis Pod

The Nemesis Pod is an alternate ammunition type for the Improved Narc Missile Beacon.


Developed to offer greater flexibility to iNarc-equipped units, the simple and devious Nemesis Pod is a variant of the standard Homing Pod that features equipment to broadcast a wide-band homing signal specially tuned to override and draw both friendly and enemy Narc equipped SRMs and LRM missiles, as well as enemy Semi-Guided LRMs and even Arrow IV homing missiles, to strike the target to which its attached. Like all its iNarc brothers, the pod can be brushed off by a determined target.[1]


Game Rules[edit]

If Narc-capable, semi-guided or Arrow IV homing missiles are fired within LOS of unit with an active Nemesis pod, re-roll to target the nemesis affected enemy with an extra +1 to hit added. If successful, the missiles are diverted, unsuccessful, they go on to the original intended target. Arrow IV homing missiles lured by a Nemesis pod however get a simple 50/50 chance decided by a 1D6 to determine if they attack the nemesis affected target.[1]


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