Neopithecanthropus MWComp p82.jpg
(New Ape Man[1])
Creature information
Type Hominid
Homeworld Campoleone[1], Stein's Folly[2], Despair[3]
Environment Forests, Grasslands[1]
Average mass 80 kg[1]
Creature stats
System A Time of War
STR 7[1]
BOD 4[1]
DEX 5[1]
RFL 4[1]
WIL 4[1]
EDG 2[1]
Traits Animal Cognition, Pack Hunter (4–20), Tool User[1]
Skills Animal Language +4, AniMelee +4, Climbing +2, Perception +4, Tracking +2[1]
Size Medium[1]
Armor 0/0/0/0[1]
Attack 0M/2[1]
Movement 4/10/12[1]


Roughly similar to the Pithecanthropus or "Upright Ape-Man" of old Terra, this is a loose grouping of many different species found accross human occupied space that have stone age technology or lower.


The species has been found evolving separately but concurrently on Campoleone, Stein's Folly, Despair, and other worlds scattered throughout the Inner Sphere and Periphery[1][2][4][3]. There is a related but sufficiently distinct species found on Old Kentucky[5]. Famously encountered on Stein's Folly by an injured Ardan Sortek. After ejecting from his Victor while in battle with House Liao forces, he found himself encountering a tribe of these creatures which he simply referred to as the "Pinks" due to their unusual eyes. Battling with a high fever at the time, he was uncertain if his encounter with them even happened at all. Ardan would vaguely remember these pink eyed creatures, which he described as having a small fat body, pale skin, and possessing small fur hides. The tribe took him to a clearing where he was tied to a tree surrounded by human skeletons.[2]

Anthropologist Rodney Tatum described an encounter with them in their diaries in 3055.[4]


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