Production information
Manufacturer Gibson Federated BattleMechs
Production Year 3071[1]
Use Line Unit
Weight Class Assault
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Introduced 3071
Technical specifications
Mass 2,000 kg
Top Speed 21.6 km/h

Armor Type Mimetic
BV (2.0) 70[2]


The newest of the Word of Blake's Demon Series of battle armor is the Nephilim. Named for a group of half-angels from the bible who dwelt with mortals, the name may hint at the unit's intended close relationship with the Celestial series. Like the Celestial series, the Nephilim employes modular and/or detachable weapon mounts to give it a flexibility few other Demon series suits possess. Its enhanced motive systems give it good overland speed for an assault-weight suit, though it relies on its 850 kg of mimetic armor to not only stop two direct hits from a Large Laser but prevent it from being targeted in the first place.[3]

When it was first introduced the Nephilim appeared in three distinct configurations with three more introduced at a later date, although given the modular nature of the Nephilim a variety of specialty variants have been reported. As the last of the Demon series suit introduced the Nephilim was relatively rare even among the Manei Domini for whom it was solely designed, with Allied intelligence confirming the greatest concentrations in the 44th, 47th, 49th and 52nd Shadow Divisions. Despite this the suit was no less dangerous and viewed as too much for most other battlesuits to contend with on their own; medium-weight BattleMechs and combat vehicles were seen as the most effective platforms to combat the Nephilim.[2]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The standard version of the Nephilim is dedicated to combating ground forces of all types, using its mimetic qualities to close in and unleash devastating firepower. It has a Modular Weapon Mount in the right arm, typically occupied by a Man-Portable Plasma Rifle though it can vary based on trooper preference, and a Heavy Battle Claw in the left. A pair of One-Shot SRM-2s mounted over the shoulders supplement this arsenal.[2]


  • Gauss 
    The "Gauss Nephilim" is designed around the precise application of slightly less firepower. It eschews the aforementioned weapons of the standard configuration in favor of a "David" Light Gauss Rifle in the right arm and two Magshot Gauss Rifles, duplicates of the ones employed by the Federated Suns, over either shoulder. BV (2.0) = 81[2][4]
  • Seeker 
    Dubbed the "Seeker" configuration, this third variant is a dedicated hunter/killer model which usually carries a Machine Gun in the right mount. For anti-vehicle purposes it mounts an SRM-3 with two reloads and utilizes a Searchlight and Improved Sensors in a drum mount over the left shoulder. BV (2.0) = 82[2][5]
  • Capture Team 
    The first variant to make use of the Detachable Weapon Mount that restricts mobility, the "Capture Team" carries a Battle Armor Taser in its right arm. For more reliable fire it has a Modular Weapon Mount that usually carries a Heavy Machine Gun while a one-shot LRM-2 provides limited long-range support. BV (2.0) = 71[7]



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