Nerran (Character)

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Affiliation Clan Goliath Scorpion
Rank Seeker
Profession MechWarrior

Nerran was a Clan Goliath Scorpion Seeker MechWarrior.[1]


During his time as a Seeker, Nerran focused on searching through Brian Caches containing mothballed BattleMechs looking for historic relics for the Star League Defense Force, but found nothing of significance after months of searching. Seeking a vision to guide him, Nerran took a massive dose of deadly necrosia that almost killed him, taking almost six months of recovery time in a Roche hospital before he was fit to search again. But his gamble had paid off, Nerran had indeed had a vision for a designation code for an old Brian Cache on Dagda.[1]

After two days of searching through what appeared to be a fairly standard armory and supply dump, Nerran stumbled upon an old EMP-6A Emperor with the ID code E6A-0001 - the very first Emperor ever produced by the StarCorps plant on Son Hoa many centuries ago. Reviewing the records for E6A-0001, Nerran discovered it had been piloted by Major Allen Webster of the Fourth Royal BattleMech Division, while Webster had not fought in any battles of note, the sheer fact it was the very first Emperor made its discovery a major find and Nerran vowed to restore the important relic to operation.[1]

In poor repair after many centuries of technicians cannibalizing most of its weapons and systems, Nerran utilized equipment from other wrecked 'Mechs in the same cache to restore it to function, resulting in a mixture of Clan and Inner Sphere equipment. Showing the ancient 'Mech to his superiors, as a reward for his discovery Nerran was allowed to fight a Trial of Position for the rank of Star Commander. Handily besting his opponent's more advanced Summoner at the controls of the refurbished Emperor, Nerran knew this 'Mech was his. Eventually transferred to the prestigious Eighth Scorpion Dragoons, Nerran refused multiple offers to swap to an OmniMech, feeling the honor of piloting such a notable and historic BattleMech is reward enough.[1]


Nerran's Emperor features a hodgepodge of Inner Sphere and Clan weaponry and equipment. When Nerran found the E6A-0001 it had been heavily stripped for parts, while its PlasmaStar 270-rated XL Engine was intact, only its right arm Imperator Code Red LB 10-X AC and Magna Mk III Large Laser remained with Jump Jets and most of its armor were stripped long ago. Using what few resources were available in the Brian Cache, Nerran shifted the remaining weapons to the left arm and fitted a Clan-grade EMRG "Captain" Series Gauss Rifle in the right arm and Prentiss-IIIA jump jets from the corpse of a Highlander IIC, adding a Defiance 1001 ER PPC taken from a trashed Lynx to the open right torso along with two more IS-grade Double Heat Sinks from a Lancelot. Carrying two tons each of Gauss Rifle and Autocannon reloads protected by IS-grade CASE in each side torso, reducing its armor coverage down to sixteen and a half tons.[1]


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