Neurohelmet Codebreaker

A Neurohelmet Codebreaker is a device design to circumvent the neurological coding found in Neurohelmets, allowing a thief to steal another pilot's BattleMech. The device consists of a computer system with electrodes which connects to a BattleMech's console and a neurohelmet. It then simulates hundreds of brainwaves until finding a pattern that matches the owner's and saves it to the thief's neurohelmet. If successful, the thief will be able to pilot the 'Mech with no difficulty, fooling it's computer into thinking the owner is piloting it.[1]

However, it can take anywhere from twenty minutes to over an hour for the codebreaker to find a potential match, and the only way to see if it worked is for the thief to put on their neurohelmet and attempt to pilot the 'Mech. If unsuccessful, the thief will suffer minor neurological injury and have to attempt the process again, requiring time and endurance on the part of the thief.[1]


Item: Neurohelmet Codebreaker
Equipment Rating: D/E/E
Cost: 100,000
Affiliation: -
mass: 4 kg
notes: Power Use: .1/minute



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