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NAIS College of Military Science

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Formerly the New Avalon Military Academy, the New Avalon Institute of Science College of Military Science was arguably the most prestigious military academy in the Inner Sphere.

New Avalon Institute of Science College of Military Science
Academy Information
Previous Name(s) New Avalon Military Academy
Location New Avalon[1]
Founding Year 2614[2]
Course Information
BattleMech unknown-3079[3][4]
Aerospace unknown-3079[4]
Armor Unknown-3079[3][4]
Battle armor Unknown-3079[3][4]
Infantry Unknown-3079[3][4]
DropShip Unknown-3079[4]
Technician Unknown-3079[4]
Engineers[4] Unknown-3079[1]
Combat Engineering Unknown-3079[4]


The New Avalon Military Academy (NAMA) was formed in 2614 to train officers for the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns after the older Albion Military Academy (AMA) was designated an official Star League Military Academy for the exclusive use of the Star League Defense Force. The AFFS lavished resources on NAMA, which quickly came to rival the AMA in terms of the quality of training offered and the caliber of the officer graduates. NAMA also put its graduates through heavy political training, something absent from the classes at the AMA; this training was designed to ensure that those officers graduating from NAMA were loyal to the First Prince and the AFFS above all.[2]

After the collapse of the Star League and the return of the more prestigious AMA to House Davion control, NAMA fell into disfavor until the reigns of Ian Davion and Hanse Davion. A former graduate, Ian ensured the academy was rebuilt and updated after he became First Prince, an effort his younger brother Hanse continued, using the NAMA as the basis for the New Avalon Institute of Science.

The NAIS became the most developed and sophisticated military academy in the entirety of the Inner Sphere. Home to some of the most advanced training equipment, the CMS lacks nothing in the way of resources or facilities, with plenty of training ‘Mechs, fighters, and simulators for any conceivable ‘Mech design known today. The College also boasts three Gauntlets, special ‘Mech training grounds designed to test both BattleMech designs and 'Mech pilots. Its large alumni base includes such notable graduates as Kai Allard-Liao and the aforementioned Ian Davion.

Following the Jihad the NAIS training cadres had not re-formed by late 3079, and the first graduating class wasn't expected to actually graduate until 3080 at the earliest.[5] As the main NAIS complex on New Avalon was still rebuilding, a number of the senior class were finishing their studies in the mountain training center known as the NAIS College of Military Sciences Training Facility, located on the Navidad continent of Axton.[3]

The main NAIS campus wasn't expected to finish rebuilding until 3084, and as a result those classes being taught were running from a portion of the Fox's Den that hadn't been destroyed or collapsed during the various battles over control of New Avalon.[4]

Dark Age[edit]

The New Avalon Institute of Science (NAIS) College of Military Science continues to turn out some of the best MechWarriors and officers in the Federated Suns. Graduates are not required to pursue military careers, in the Federated Suns or elsewhere, so young hopefuls come from across the Inner Sphere to attend the NAIS. Many of these young men and women take what they have learned and join respected mercenary companies or return to their country of origin and join one of the Great House militaries. What the new First Prince of the Federated Suns will do about this practice and the resultant increase of military capability across the Inner Sphere remains to be seen.[6]


The life on campus is a daily challenge for the cadets. Only students who are stress-resistant can go the distance as the weaker recruits are transferred to less demanding academies or drop out entirely. The pressure to excel in the curriculum is high and Cadets with the best results can gain positions of responsibility at the Academy or enter service early with the Training Cadre.

Special Notes[edit]

Every academy member (instructor, staff, cadet) must pass a strict background screening by the military and civil secret agencies (DMI/MIIO). The Davion family has counted on the total loyalty of the Academy and its staff and students for centuries. The training cadres comprise three full BattleMech regiments and their supporting elements.

Training Programs[edit]


The mountain training complex on Axton offered the following training programs as of 3079: infantry, battle armor, BattleMech and Conventional Armor.[3]

Despite the rebuilding efforts going on at the time, in 3079 the NAIS facility on New Avalon was offering the following classes: BattleMech, infantry, battle armor, conventional armor, aerospace, DropShip, technician, engineers, and combat engineering.[4]

Training Cadre[edit]

The College of Martial Sciences Cadet Cadre has three military formations that students may be assigned to.

NAIS Floor Plan[edit]

Logo Gallery[edit]

Notable Graduates[edit]


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