New Hedons

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New Hedons
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Type Religious Organization

The New Hedons are a philosophical movement dating from the 29th century, settled in the Magistracy of Canopus and various other Periphery worlds.

In the face of the horrors of the Succession Wars, many millions of Inner Spheroids decided to emigrate. The New Hedons movement was one such migration. Unlike many of the previous Spheroid migrations entering the Periphery, the horrors of the Succession Wars had convinced the New Hedons that the end of humanity was inevitable. Rather than act to prevent the slide of humanity towards barbarism, the New Hedons embraced the hedonistic creed, "time is short, let's enjoy ourselves while we still can".

The New Hedons became infamous for their "moral recklessness" and their sheer excess. Entire colonies and planets became devoted to the endeavor "pleasure for pleasure's sake" and developed an extreme pleasure industry to match; the decadence of the early Magistracy of Canopus paled in comparison with the new pleasure industries of the New Hedons.