New Ivaarsen Chasseurs

Brigade Insignia of New Ivaarsen Chasseurs
New Ivaarsen Chasseurs
Affiliation Federated Suns
Parent Command AFFC/AFFS

The guardians of the Stephenson family of New Ivaarsen, the New Ivaarsen Chasseurs are loyal to the Duke and the AFFS. The unit may be considered poorly equipped, but only because MechWarriors within the unit have routinely refused upgrades to their family legacies.[1]


Both regiments of the New Ivaarsen Chasseurs saw action against Clan Jade Falcon, with the 2nd New Ivaarsen Chasseurs all but destroyed, not to be reactivated until after the Lyran secession. The units managed to avoid the fighting of the FedCom Civil War, emerging intact.[2]

During the Jihad the New Ivaarsen Chasseurs were assigned to counter DCMS forces who attacked the Draconis March. They fought well there, but when the Second Chasseurs landed on Galedon V to liberate a POW camp, they fell victim to the Curse of Galedon. The unit relocated to An Ting, but the damage was done and the unit was completely destroyed.[3] The attack on Styx reduced the First Chasseurs to one-half of their prewar strength. They rebuilt some of their strength but took serious losses from their participation in Operation SCOUR.[3] The First was part of the assault on Sydney, Australia, which nearly destroyed every unit that participated. The New Ivaarsen Chasseurs spent the next years rebuilding their forces from natives of New Ivaarsen. This slowed their growth, but the high-quality equipment they received compensated for their slow growth.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the New Ivaarsen Chasseurs
Hauptmann General Ophelia Stephenson 3056[5]


Different per Unit.

Units of the New Ivaarsen Chasseurs[edit]

Color Scheme and Insignia[edit]

The New Ivaarsen Chasseurs use a dark blue, red and gold paint scheme for all occasions.


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