New Olympia

New Olympia
New Olympia 3151.svg
System Information
X:Y Coordinates-150.168 : -130.286[e]
Spectral classG1V[1][2]
Recharge time182 hours[2]
Recharge station(s)Zenith[1][2]

The New Olympia system is the location of at least one habitable world, New Olympia III, and as of June 3152 was located in the Wolf Empire.[4]

System Description[edit]

New Olympia is located near the Kirkenlaard and Dickinson systems.

Political Affiliation[edit]

New Olympia III[edit]

New Olympia III
New Olympia Orbital View.jpg
System positionThird[1][2][3]
Jump Point distance9.75 days[2]
Moons1 (Delphi)[2]
Surface gravity0.95[2]
Atmospheric pressureStandard (Breathable)[2]
Equatorial temperature35°C (Temperate)[2]
Surface water82%[2]
Highest native lifePlant[1][2]
Landmasses2 (Olympica Province, New Greenland)[2]
History and Culture
Population2,540,000,000 (3025),[1]
2,535,000,000 (3067),[2]
2,635,000,000 (3152)[3]
Government and Infrastructure
Noble RulerPrince of Olympica
Earl of Kasnov-Greenland
CapitalKasnov (New Greenland),
Darienbad (Olympica)[3]
HPG ClassA[3]
HPG RepresentativePrecentor Blake Bock (3025)[1]

New Olympia is the third planet in the New Olympia star system and is located in the heart of the Free Worlds League. New Olympia is divided between an independent republic and the Marik Commonwealth. The planet is home to both the Lloyd Marik-Stanley Aerospace School and the Allison MechWarrior Institute.

New Olympia has long been a major exporter of foodstuffs. It was home to large agridomes, but few remained after the Succession Wars. Nonetheless, New Olympia is home to many species of consumable fish, including tuna and bass. New Olympia also has a thriving sport fishing industry, with marlin imported from Terra and the native Hodson Flyers.[1][2]

Olympica Province became a wealthy vacation getaway because of its proximity to the heart of the Free Worlds League and its independent status that kept it outside of the Marik Commonwealth's tax code. Though League officials tried to close the loopholes, Olympica officials were able to argue that the Addendum to the Incorporation allowed them to retain their status as a tax haven.[2]

The "Garden of the Gods" has a thriving tourism industry as well. Many visitors travel there for the winter sports the mountains provide, as well as spa that are located in the region.[2]

Planetary History[edit]

Early History[edit]

New Olympia was discovered and settled in the twenty-second century. Different waves of settlers clashed over access to resources, forcing the Terran Alliance to intervene military twice, in 2196 and 2220.[1] When the Terran Alliance fell, the residents of New Olympia formed three different nations, Kasnov, New Greenland, and Olympica. These three republics fought as soon as they were formed. Alonzo Marik extended an offer to the nations of New Olympia to join his Marik Commonwealth. In 2265, Kasnov and New Greenland accepted the offer, but Olympica rejected it. Military efforts to force Olympica into the republic failed thanks to intervention from the Principality of Regulus. The Mariks recognized Olympica as an independent state.[1]

Following their entry into the Marik nation, Kasnov and New Greenland merged into the Republic of Kasnov-Greenland. Olympica is formally known as the Independent Principality of Olympica.[2]

Age of War[edit]

Sited well away from the League's borders New Olympia suffered little direct damage during the Age of War.[3]

Star League Era[edit]

In 2764, the Star League Defense Force Sixty-sixth Infantry Division was stationed on New Olympia. As tensions between the two governments that ruled the planet began spilling out onto the streets Captain-General Kenyon Marik deployed the Third Marik Militia to the planet on a peacekeeping mission. The Sixty-sixth was ordered to remain on normal duties by the SLDF chain of command, which viewed the situation as a matter internal to the Free Worlds League. After the Third took casualties during the course of their mission a battalion from the Third lashed out at the Sixty-sixth, apparently out of frustration and resentment over the SLDF remaining inactive during events such as the destructive Marik Civil War. The battalion from the Third attacked a patrol from the Sixty-sixth, prompting the Sixty-sixth to retaliate. The Sixty-sixth nearly destroyed the Third, while Kenyon Marik subsequently claimed that the battalion had gone rogue and had been ignoring orders from the Colonel in command of the regiment. The SLDF Intelligence Command believed that the attack may have been an effort by Kenyon Marik to find a way of waging a covert war against the SLDF.[31]

Succession Wars[edit]

As during the Age of War, New Olympia sustained little direct devastation during the Succession Wars, although the system's zenith-point JumpShip yards were destroyed by a Lyran strike during the First Succession War and some fighting took place on New Olympia during the Marik Civil War. The real damage suffered by the planet was mercantile; its import-dependent economy was hard-hit, though residents managed to keep a decent standard of living.[3]


A Blakist tactical nuclear weapon was detonated over Darienbad during the Jihad, although the damage was mild enough that the city continued to function and even hosted post-Jihad financial conferences.[3]

Dark Age[edit]

During the joint LyranClan Wolf invasion of the Free Worlds League, New Olympia fell to the Wolves in September 3139. During the fighting, Wolf ristar Alaric trapped and destroyed the defenders along the Captive River, personally slaying Warden-General Thaddeus Marik.[27]

Following the ceasefire between the Wolves and the League, New Olympia hosted the only dedicated academies in the Wolf Empire.[32]

ilClan Era[edit]

In early 3152, Task Force Accord from the Free Worlds League Military invaded New Olympia but by June was locked in a stalemate with the Wolf garrison.[3]

Military Deployment[edit]


The island continent known as Olympica Province is home to the Independent Principality of Olympica.[2]

New Olympia's other small continent is New Greenland. This continent and most of the islands comprise Kasnov-Greenland. New Greenland is home to the tall mountains known as the "Garden of the Gods." This mountainous region is where the Lloyd Marik-Stanley Aerospace School is located.[2]

Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Darienbad: capital of Olympica Province[3]

Companies and Industries[edit]

Local Flora and Fauna[edit]

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Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 40 systems (37 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Kirkenlaard 13.0 Dickinson 17.9 Köln 23.7 Tongatapu 23.8
Campbelton 25.8 Washburn 27.1 Drusibacken 27.7 August 30.0
Tiber 31.5 Keystone 35.3 Laureles 36.1 Rasalas 36.4
Aitutaki 39.1 Ionus 40.3 Harmony 41.2 Coriscana 43.3
Flychenia 43.3 Hódmezovásárhely 44.8 Jászberény 46.2 Autumn Wind 46.2
Ariel 46.8 Avior 46.8 Sophie's World 47.6 Bainsville 47.8
Regulus 49.8 Asellus Borealis 51.0 Midkiff 51.7 Asellus Australis 52.8
Atreus 52.9 Muscida 53.1 Kyeinnisan 53.3 Lancaster 54.4
Szombathely 56.3 Gallatin 56.8 Oceana 58.2 Bedeque 58.8
Alterf 59.2 Ideyld 60.8 Hellos Minor 61.8 Zempoatlepetl 62.6


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